Bi-amp solution for Tannoy R2

Hi folks. I have a pair of Tannoy Revolution R2 loudspeakers. They came with a Marantz surround amp which I used to bi-amp them by using the surround L & R to power the bass. 90 watts per channel. Not bad.

I stumbled, however, on a blown Peachtree Nova and bought it for relatively nothing. I am awaiting a PCB which will put it back in order, and will be using the unit as DAC, Preamp and Poweramp for the Mid/Treble.

My question is, given the existing components (The Marantz will go to my HT setup), what amp would you suggest for powering the bass? I'd like a poweramp with a volume control so that I can tweak the bass level. My budget is somewhere in the $300 range and I prefer to buy used.

I listen to all kinds of music from Glenn Gould to Steely Dan to Pat Metheney to Yes to the Stones. I'm not a basshead; I would like to hear what the recording engineer intended ;-)

A fine day to you all.