Am I getting old and grumpy?

Is it just me, or are other audiophiles getting tired of seeing the "Auctions" section flooded with LP ads? I suspect dealers have option to list items for free, but it is getting to be challenging to look for gear auctions in the "records bin".
Also, is it again just me, or is it annoying to others to see dealers put "Contact for Price" in their ads?
I continue to be happy and enthusiastic that we still have such a nice audiophile website for gear trades and nice discussions, and I recognize the importance of dealers' support for the website to survive, but if not just me, perhaps feedback from more users might help keep it as audiophile friendly as possible.
Please stay safe everyone
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I very much dislike the "Contact for Price" price. It always reminds me of the old saying that if you have to ask, you can’t afford it. I suppose that’s true, but it still puts me off. I complained to one dealer and he told me that he is forced to show "Contact for Price" in order to circumvent the manufacturer's mandate to only sell new product at retail price.
audiogon has changed

higher fees on equipment bought and sold has led most regular folk hi end audio traders to flee to other site(s)

so what is on A gon are usually (VERY) high end dealers unloading trade ins or demo or overstock units

change is inevitable, but this does make me a little sad

maybe it is the paucity of regular traded (or auctioned) equipment that makes the LP ads stick out more prominently
Under   “Show filters”
Set minimum price to $100
99% of record albums disappear

No more grumpy, Just old.
There is not much you can do about getting older but you can do something about being grumpy, However if you are one of the millions of people in this country that have recently lost their job, that can make one grumpy if not mad. With that said I think dealers and sellers need to take this into account and be more upfront with pricing and possibly offer incentives to make purchases. The LP has made a great come back and I have at times will put on a LP just for the sake of enjoying analog music.

As mentioned above it is true that many audiophiles have gone to other websites for buying and selling but still use this website for the forums and are still hoping that a rollback on fees will occur on Audiogon which could also be a cure for being grumpy.  And while we are at it, could someone please bring back Radio Shack.

"As mentioned above it is true that many audiophiles have gone to other websites for buying and selling but still use this website for the forums"
Guilty. Although just for laughs, I occasionally hit Browse and peruse the listings. It's frickin' hilarious.
I have become somewhat "set in my ways" not grumpy but I respect your point.

Contact for price means they have lost a sales opportunity from me.
Grumpy for another reason:
I have bought and sold 8 or 10 things between A-gon and USA.  I now have a vintage pair of KEF reference 205 speakers for sale.  No less than 4 individuals have made an agreement to purchase, pay cash and pick up, and have either not shown up or cancelled at last minute.  Do others share this experience?  I think I will require pay pal deposit if someone wishes to purchase on site for cash in advance.  I tolerate the 'what amp do you use' or' can you compare those with these' questions, seems par for the course of listing for free...  But to waste my time and not show up is bad. I wish I could leave negative feedback for these abusers...  That's my rant, and I am old!  Ken
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You have an option to select ‘All Equipment or All Music’ once you select Browse on menu bar. 
I skip all the listing with ‘Contact for price’. They are dealer listings and many of them don’t even bother to reply for days. 
I agreed a deal is a deal.Unless you ask to cancel the deal.Yes getting old without money to throw away is my problem. I have bought audio equipment, LPs and cds from here.But buyer beware.I do into a restaurant and I like to know the costs ,I feel it's my right .That goes for drinks to.Yes I'm from the days when a Slice of pizza was 15 cents a buck a pie.I don't  believe that dont ask the price if you can't afford it.Weather it it a car or audio equipment or slice of pizza.Regret is a me