Alternate interconnect to Cardas Neutral Reference

I'm currently using Cardas Neutral References in my system and I'm finding them kind of dull and unemphasizing. They do have a nice warm and neutral sound to them. However, I'm looking for an interconnect that has more definition, clarity and is musical. My current set-up is:

Conrad Johnson MV-60 amp
Conrad Johnson Premier 16LS pre
Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista SACD
Dynaudio Special 25's
PS Audio P500 A/C conditioner

So far I've been considering Audience AU24, or Audioquest Cheetah. I'm open to suggestions or recommendations...
in a different system some time ago i tried neutral ref and found them equally lifeless. am currently using the au24 and they are very musical and revealing, a virtual antithesis to the cardas. would recommend giving them a try.
Analysis Plus Solo Crystal or Ridge Street MSE's have the attributes you are looking for.

Are you running the MV-60 through the line conditioner? If so, that could be your problem. If not, try Kimber KS1030 or Shunyata Aries.
I replaced all my Cardas Neutral Reference ICs with Nirvana S-X. The Cardas seem compressed and lifeless by comparison. Auditioned the Nirvana for free from The Cable Co.

They retained the warmth of the Cardas but seemed much quieter and more detailed.
i would suggest xlo signature series, they are very transparent an throw a hugh soundstage with dynamics galore.

another cable is the straightwire crescendo. similiar to the xlo but a little bit more fuller sound.

i tried the cardas nuetral ic and found it added sibilence in my system ( the only time i have ever heard it). i think the speaker cable may be better than the ic in this case.

hope that helps,

Jesus, does the cable really make THAT much of a difference? That's real nice setup you have there, but I humbly suggest the source is your problem. What not see if a local dealer will loan you an Accuphase DP-77 to try out at home. You can run that straight into your MV-60, and sell your 16LS and Tri-Vista SACD.
Yes, in many cases the cable really does make THAT much of a difference. When you unload a significant amount of money on high quality gear, the CORRECT cable will highlight and bring out the very best your system has to offer.

One of our engineers just picked up his dream car, 1984 Ferrari Testarrosa, cherry condition, V-12, 17,800 miles on it... perhaps I should go tell him to sell his Z-rated Pirelli's and go buy a set of tires from WalMart... they really can't make THAT much difference, right?

I mean no personal attack, it is just when someone comes to the forums seeking advice and help, it is not necessary to belittle them for seeking advice. Enough said.

Happy listening
I can also recommend the Analysis Plus Solo Crystal interconnects. Like you, I am running some CJ equipment. The Solo Crystal worked well to improve my system. They replaced some Audioquest vipers and emeralds, Nordost Red Dawns, and some Kimber interconnects. I also changed out my speaker cables to Analysis Plus (replaced Kimber and Wireworld). I am using a shotgun pair of the Oval 12s. I will upgrade to the Solo Crystal speaker cables as soon as I can get a good deal on them. Call your speaker manufacturer. They may have some insight into which cables sound better with your speakers (synergy). I called my speaker manufacturer and found out that he uses Analysis Plus for all the internal wiring in his speakers. Maybe that's why they sound so good in my system? Jim
yes, cables make a hugh difference...treat them like a component. they can easily make or break a system...especially interconnects.

i would sugeest trying to audition as many combination of cables you can get your hands on..

imo, most cables do a fairly good job at the $350 -$400 retail price point ( they will image okay and have a one outstanding characteristic).

when you get in the $650 - $800 retail price range, that is when you get it all...good extensions at both ends, hugh imaging, dynamics galore, coherency....well rounded players with no weakness.

i would suggest buying used since there is hugh markup and quick depreciation on new. there are some manufacters that sell direct at a fair price like discovery.

hope this helps,

After audition over 50 inteconnects, these are my choices:
Between amp and preamps:
NBS classic line MK II version: Statement, professional, master, signature and king serpent.
Between source and preamp: Stealth Audio cables M-21 special, XLO limited.
Thanks to everyone for their insight so far. I probably should have specified that my total budget for interconnects would be $1,000. I would prefer to buy used as someone pointed out earlier that you can get more for your money.