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Best Tube Amp for High Sensitivity Speakers: 45, PX25, or 300B?
As for integrated, you can't get better than Cary.  This is just my honest opinion. I sold the Cary to my friend as he was just like you with a strong curiosity about 300B SET.  After I lent him half of a dozen amps on his Altec A5, he truly appre... 
Best Tube Amp for High Sensitivity Speakers: 45, PX25, or 300B?
@gregjacob  There are just too many choices for pure sound in single-ended amps. I have the following for my JBL 3 way (077/375/130A) and Tannoy GRF memory: Custom made EL84 SE with 6BA6 driver   Custom made 45 AMP SET ( convert to using 46 type v... 
V-Cap CuTF .22 on Gain Tubes-- Primaluna Dialogue HP Integrated
@alexberger To answer your question on Duelund JDM ( tinned copper I have ) vs the old RS ( Alexander ) : I have installed both in the Dynaco vta ST-70 board. One is the CCS and one is the original 12AU7 driver circuit. They both sound identical... 
Best amplifier for Tannoy GRF Memory HE
I did manage to get myself a Tannoy GRF Memory TW after my last post 18 years ago.   I drive them with Dared DV-300B Parallel Single-Ended Triode monoblocks with vintage Lafayette KT-600 tube preamp.  I found this combination produces the best sou... 
Speakers for MC240/C22
Try the Joseph Audio speakers. It pairs welll with speakers in 84-88db sensitivity 
Preamp suggestions
Cary SLP98 F1Comes with HT bypass 
Looking for warm sounding speakers
Have you thought about moving to tube amp instead?they're pretty warm sounding.Aside from that, there are quite a view SS amps that's warm sounding as well.Instead of replacing the speakers, why not play with the amp first? 
A phono amp that beats the MFA Magus's phono?
Audio Research PH5 is very good. This might work for you as well. 
STUPIDLY high resolution pure silver interconnects
If you think you heard of all silver cables then you haven't hear them all. Silver is not neccessary brighter than copper as it is really down to the design. Shielding has a lot to do with impacting the sound as well. Most of interconnect are not ... 
CD vs. Vinyl
I am not even referring to playback experience. It is true that bad press makes bad playback just like any CD recordings as well.A better MC can track way better than the low end MM. We don't need to open a can of warms here as you want to compare... 
CD vs. Vinyl
The most important part prior to any playback is the source of the sound. I don't think anyone mentioned here.Vinyl has the least compression vs any digital medium.Assuming if you have the same master tape source, it is then remastered to output t... 
CD vs. Vinyl
there are exception in digital that comes very close to vinyl. To my ears, Dvd-Audio by far the closes to vinyl playback.If you get a chance to hear Diana Krall's CD, SACD, DVD-Audio and LP ( since her albums are available in all formats ) then yo... 
Most Engaging Monitor?
what is musical to someone can be too subjective.There are lots of dependency out there all the way from the source -> cd player or vinyl -> cables -> preamp -> amp -> cables -> spkrs -> ears. Anything mismatched can sound bad... 
Try vintage 7027a tubes. They sound great on the MC30 and MC240. 
Best Small Speaker System You've ever Heard
ATC SCM10 with tube amp. After trying with over 1 dozen bookselves, this is still the best small speakers I have ever heard.