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How international is your system?
Not very! All USA equipment except a ModWright modified Sony SCD-XA5400ES CD/SACD player. 
What's the oldest piece of gear in your system?
An Adcom GFT-1A stereo tuner. Still works and sounds dandy! 
Headphones for setting VTA?
For this job I would highly recommend the Sennheiser HD-800 with balanced harnass. These cans will definitely reveal the subtleties of minor VTA changes! 
worlds best headphones Sennheiser Orpheus ?
Quite frankly, this is a silly question. There is no "best" headphone just "different" sounding top-line units. Remember the word "best" is subjective to each person as each can have a "best" for them which may not be "best" for someone else. 
Amp recommendation for AKG K1000's headphones?
Burson Audio HA-160 
Best headphones you've ever heard/used
There is not a "best" for me. There are several top-line cans for I use depending on what kind of music and how the recording sounds. I use Audeze LCD-2 w/Burson HA-160 headamp for "perfect" recordings. The beyerdynamic T 1 w/Burson HA-160 for jam... 
Review: Sony SCD-XA5400ES CD Player
Disbeliever--as Dan Wright of ModWright accurately states on his website, tubes are best for amplifying voltage and SS devices work best for amplifying current, hence why he uses both in his mods for this player. 
In need of an amplifier...
I am running 2 Ayre V-3s in a horizontal biamp config. to Legacy Focus 20/20s. My pre is a custom tweeked ModWright LS/PS 36.5 dual chassis pre. The combo is terrific! You can probably do a pair of used V-3s and stay within your budget. Amps are a... 
Modwright LS-36.5 vs Hovland HP-100 / HP-200
I own the ModWright LS-36.5 and its companion PS-36.5 power supply and can tell you that as good as my SWL 9.0SE is this new combo simply blows it away on all counts! If you like your music to sound realistic and natural then this combo is formida... 
Modwright SWL 9.0SE Pre ... your thoughts welcome
Dennis:"just curious why you guys chose the points..."To my ears the cones simply sounded the best of all the reasonably priced isolation devices I tried. 
Modwright SWL 9.0SE Pre ... your thoughts welcome
3 BDR Mark IV cones under my SWL. 
Modwright SWL 9.0SE Pre ... your thoughts welcome
Do the preamp first. It will be money well spent over a new amplifier any day. 
Modwright SWL 9.0SE Pre ... your thoughts welcome
Clio09:Beer and brats are summertime fare. You are right about beer and brats--we got 'em! Are you from WI or the Midwest? 
Modwright SWL 9.0SE Pre ... your thoughts welcome
I am from Wisconsin--the Cheese Capitol of the World or we used to be (maybe CA has passed us up). Anyway, yes we do love our cheese in this state as well as our brandy! 
Modwright SWL 9.0SE Pre ... your thoughts welcome
This is an excellent thread with savy people whom I believe to be music lovers first and (audiophiles second or not at all). However, you absolutely must appreciate what Dan has created aesthetically, technically and musically.I don't think I need...