AE SP12 or Zavfino Nova OCC?

Interested in hearing from someone that has had experience on both speaker cables? 

My IA is capable of 600W @4ohms feeding 2 1/2 way towers rated at 88db >4ohms.

Looking to get open highs without losing full bass authority.


@scslite - I would go with this Zavfino for your setup i.e. 600 watts into 4 ohms

The Prima MKII OCC Speaker Cable 9AWG - ZavfinoUSA

It will allow the tranmission of the full dynamic range without any compression of dynamics and bass

Hope that helps

Thanks I was looking at that as well.  Since I need 3 meters Zavfino does not do returns for custom orders that's why I wanted to get any feedback from someone that has tried both.  

Since I need 3 meters Zavfino does not do returns for custom orders

Well now that would’ve been good info to have upfront don’t ya think?  Not nice to leave out critical details like that when you’re asking people for their time/help.  Are we supposed to have ESP where we magically know you need an odd cable length?  C’mon man.  

FWIW, I've got the SP12's and they are the best speaker cable I've ever used. Lots of air on top, solid midrange, and prodigious bass. A well-rounded, well-balanced speaker cable. 

Thanks.  I hear the same feedback from Zavfino, hence, is why I wanted to hear from those that have had both.  

Well, is it possible you could rearrange your system temporarily to get the 20" shorter cables on a demo purpose, just to see if you like them? Then if they tick all the right boxes you send them back and order the 3m ones- there would be no restocking fee in this case as you are buying another set. 

@mclinnguy not a bad idea and I would but I've got my speakers positioned where they are pretty much locked in and don't want to mess with them.  Order is in for the Prima so will see how they perform.

Received the custom ordered Prima OCC a couple of days ago. The customer service from Ray L in the US is excellent.

The cables exude quality in the way they look and feel. Very well built and thick as the 9AWG specs they are.  The beautiful presentation and packaging is very much appreciated, as attention to details like this reflects to the overall care the company takes in their products.

They sounded a bit cold and compressed upon first listen. After about an hour or two they started to settle in a bit and already sounded way better than what I had.

Every listening session they open up a bit more and clearly are the best cables I have heard to date. Being that they are non-refundable is moot as these are not going back even if they were.

From top to bottom I hear more micro and macro details and decay as if a glare has been lifted.

Bass is more punchy and powerful as well as it gives a more floating sensation which is quite remarkable. It’s a lot more focused and removed any boominess that was there previously.

So all in all, very happy with these cables and look forward for them to get even better after some proper run in.

I have heard nothing but praise for the Prima's. I imagine you would have to spend quite a bit more to get something that exceeds them, and they will only get better sounding as time goes on. 

Curious though, you say non-refundable? I thought they have a trial period? 

@mclinnguy Their only standard length is 2.5 meters which can be returned.  Anything else is custom ordered and is non-refundable.  This would be my only critique for an otherwise pleasant customer service experience.  It would be nice for them to offer different lengths to accommodate various requirements.