Accustic Arts Transport v. CEC v. Audiomeca

Has anyone tried the Accustic Arts transport. I saw the Galen Carol Audio review of it. They say they prefer in to the CEC TL1x. One of their comments is that it is better with lower frequencies - I guess, a noted weakness of the CEC. It is a direct drive. Is that something to avoid? It seems that most people prefer a belt drive. Also, the Audiomeca II seems quite reasonable, used. Thanks for any comments you may have.
I love my AA Drive 1. No need for me to explore further. Great styling too. I've never heard the Audiomecca or the CEC. CEC was releasing new models when I was searching for a transport and I decided not to wait. Anyway, I'd heard they can sound a bit laid back which is not what i was looking for.
I chose the Accustic Arts and am very happy with my choice. I was a bit worried that I wouldn't hear much of an improvement. It is an enormous difference. Thanks.
Currently I have both the Audiomeca and the Accustic Arts. I never liked the CEC, maybe it is the idea of a belt drive which must create some sort of noise and vibration. Between the Mephisto II and the Accustic Arts, I prefer the Accustic Arts. It is more dynamic, more solid in the bass and a dead quiet noise floor. The Audiomeca is also excellent, very musical but a little too mellow in comparison.

On another note, I have both transports for sale. Since recieving my EMM Labs. I have found digital nirvanna!