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Good Test DIsc
The one that you are referring to is the XLO Reference Recordings Test & Burn-In CD. Arye makes a set-up/burn-in disc as does Purist Audio Designs. 
Edge NL 10.1 update
I had my Signature 12.1 mono's updated. It was definitely worth the investment.Jim 
Parasound JC-1 power cord recommendations
I would recommend the Isoclean Super Focus Power Cords. They compliment the amps very nicely.Jim 
Preamp to match Parasound JC1 monos
The Einstein "The Tube" Preamp works great with the JC-1's or just about any solid state or tube amp that has XLR inputs.Jim 
Phonostage Question
I would highly recommend the Einstein - the Turntables Choice Phono Preamp. It is one of the best that I have heard. 
Esoteric C-03 Break In Time
Like most electronic equipment, it will probably take 600 to 1000 hours. 
Which preamp?
The Einstein, The Tube, is one of the best preamps that I have ever heard.Jim 
Moving from Esoteric P03/D03 to P03/D01 Combo
I have heard the P-01, D-01 combination. It is simply spectatular. I have also heard the P-01 completely transform an individual's system. I am currently using the P-03, D-03 combination. If I could afford to upgrade to either the P-01, D-01, P-03... 
Need help with integrated amp selection
The Canary Integrated is rated at 40 watts, but it is a VERY hefty 40 watts. It uses 4 EL 34 output tubes and puts out a glorious and beautiful sound. It should work really well with your Legacy Audio Classic speakers. 
best speaker cables in the 2k to 3k range ?
Their is currently a pair of Jorma #1 being offered for $3500.00, on Audiogon. It retails for over $5000.00. You might be able to purchase it for less than the $3500.00 asking price. This is some of the best speaker cable that I have heard. 
Quad ESL 2805 or Avantgarde uno Horn?
No contest!! Go with the Quads. 
Valhalla interconnects - recommended?
You really should consider the Jorma Prime Interconnects. They are the best that I have heard todate.Jim 
Wisdom Audio - DCAB-1
YES! It definitly is worth the investment. Not only does the sound become more dynamic and open with improved focus, it so easy to change any settings as needed. I would highly recommend upgrading.Jim 
Exemplar Denon 3910
The Exemplar 3910 equals and surpasses many of the "big buck" units available. Very musical, detailed, etc. Highly recommend!! 
Parasound Halo JC-1 monoblock amplifier
The Jc-1's run a little hot, especially in high bias. They are just a little lean and dry with a solid state preamp. They do better with a tube preamp. You won't find a better solid state amplifier for under $25,000. I have been using four of the ...