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Moving from AP Oval 9s to ...? Kharma-Aloia
I have the Kharma 3.2 Enigmas and have had many speaker cables to try. By far the best I have used, regardless of price, are the Jena Labs Symphony speaker cables.They bettered the Nordost Valhalla, Transparent Reference XL & Opus, Purist Audi... 
EMM Labs DCC 2 - Sneak Preview
First off, I am thrilled that you (Tireguy) will finally get your DCC2. I have enjoyed my DAC 6 like no other component I have owned...AMAZING!Tom - Regarding the Tenor OTL vs. Tenor Hybrid, I have heard both in the same system (Kharma / EMM Labs ... 
Accustic Arts Transport v. CEC v. Audiomeca
Currently I have both the Audiomeca and the Accustic Arts. I never liked the CEC, maybe it is the idea of a belt drive which must create some sort of noise and vibration. Between the Mephisto II and the Accustic Arts, I prefer the Accustic Arts. I... 
Wilson or Kharma
First, I do not participate much in these forums. I do read them and find them informative and quite amusing at times. Your question is one that I had not too long ago and find it necessary to now put my "two cents" in.Having recently been in the ... 
PLease advice on Trivista SACD vs. Audio Aero Cap
As a former Audio Aero Capitole MK II owner, I loved the player. I have sold it and moved into the EMM Labs equipment and my system is so much better thanks to the change. 
New Buddy Guy - "Blues Singer"
Verybigass; I'm sorry I asked. I did not know at the time who I was responding to. After reading your last post I went back for another listen. Well Buddy Guy has one of the most beautiful and emotive voices of any blues singer I have ever heard. ... 
New Buddy Guy - "Blues Singer"
Hey, Romy the Cat; Your post begs the Question; WHY do you think this is a " Very unfortunate album"? 
Recommendation for Speakers & Interconnects cables
I use JENA Labs interconnects and speaker cable with Tenor 75wp, AA Capitole MK11, Talon Khorus X MK11. 
Audio Aero Capitole MK II: Performance & Problems
Sattothestars; It clearly states in the owners manual for the Audio Areo Capitole MK11, in bold type, REMOVING THE COVER OF THE UNIT WILL VOID THE WARRANTY. I just thought you all should know this. 
Avalon Sentinel
Linkster: You certainly are not serious. If so, that would definitely be one of the most ludicrous things I have ever heard. 
Jena cables
I think the post by Mes was right on target.This is very much like my own experience. Yesterday I heard Valhalla interconnect compared to JENA Labs Pathfinder. The results were not even close, to my ears. I have found that the JENA Labs cables all... 
Audio Aero Capital CD vs SACD
Ok, I guess I will throw in my two cents here. That was my Audio Aero we were listening to at Mike Lavigne's house and I am the Dale that Jtinn talked about. Thanks to Mike for sharing his system with us. It is out of this world. Mike's descriptio...