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Triton One, Audio Physics EP2 or Used Merlin VSM-M
I had no idea Bobby died. He was still young and couldn't be even in his 70s yet. He was amazing - always wiling to discuss his speakers and anything audio. That is very sad. 
Triton One, Audio Physics EP2 or Used Merlin VSM-M
Pardon me. Emerald Physics is the name of the company. 
Question 4 owners of Merlin & First Sound preamp
And that is why so many applaud from Bobby @ Merlin. 
Calling all First Sound Preamp Owners
Kevinzoe, I owned a pair of MB-450 Sigs.. Also, I have a FS preamp.. I have found that I like it better plugged into my BPT 3.5. However, I do not have dedicated lines. When I get them installed, I will check again. 
Calling all First Sound Preamp Owners
Kevin, if you buy the KT-88s from VTL, make sure their tube warranty applies if you are using a non-VTL preamp. 
Review: Michael Wolff Source and Gain Cords Power cord
Hi5Harry, I think you will be very impressed with the Source Cords. I have them on my transport, DAC, and preamp. Last Monday, I replaced the original Source cord on my preamp with the upgraded one that Micael sent me. It sounds great. It is a lar... 
What music do you want to play really loud?
Aimee Mann - Live Lost in SpaceZZ Top - EliminatorDire Straits - Dire StraitsZiggy Marley - Dragonfly 
Any superb balanced dacs up to $2,500 used??
John, I hope all is well. I have an Audio Logic 24 mxl. It is tremendous. Try to listen to one if you can find one nearby. - Brooks (email me if you want more detail) 
24 MXL
Here is a link to all you ever wanted to know about the 24mxl. You will really like it. cords and tubes make a big difference. There are a few threads on other's thoughts.I am currently using Siemens ... 
should everyone just order emm?
Albert, That is the price for the stock unit. The additional is for john to do the modifications. 
Slew Rate
Sean, That was educational reading. What current production amps do this very well? Thanks. 
Von Schweikert VR-4,Jr.
Abruce, I too have been to Decibel Audio. The high ceilings, front windows, and brick walls, and road noise make listening there a waste of time. I know that they allow in-home auditions. if you are in the city, I would give that a try. Otherwise,... 
Looking for an acoustic guitar recording..
Jack Johnson is primarily acoustic guitar w/vocals. The Pizza Tapes with Garcia, Grisman, and Rice is a favorite of mine. 
Have you heard the new Zanden digital gear?
James1969, Have you heard the DCC2? If so, would you mind comparing it to your Zanden? 
Why the switch from Kharma/Tenor to DarTZeel/VSA
50% discounts are offered on VSA's current speakers?