Be careful for this business. They removed all negative review. I bought  CANTONLS860 Speaker Stands for my  CANTON Vento Reference 9.2 DC 7" 2-Way Bookshelf $500 like junk, it very cheap. Spike very short, whole bottom base sit on my carpet. Not big deal to buy longer spike to replace. Big deal they do not allow negative review. Send them all the pictures for detail. They said go buy better spike
I have had nothing but positive experiences with A4Less since 2014.  I recommend them all the time.  

If you don't mind me asking, what was your negative experience? 

Not cool to remove negative reviews unless proven unwarranted.

I’ve bought a number of things from them and it’s all been positive. If they are removing negative reviews, that’s not kosher.

Are you sure you posted a review about the correct speaker?  The speakers you mentioned are bookshelf speakers.  They don't sit on spikes.  And they are far from being "junk".  I own a pair.
" Are you sure you posted a review about the correct speaker? The speakers you mentioned are bookshelf speakers. They don't sit on spikes. And they are far from being "junk". I own a pair."

@nghy9700 was referring to the Canton speaker stands.

Yes, I call them made sure I get the right stands for my bookshelf speakers, they confirm yes. 
How is Accessories4Less responsible for the type of spike that Canton, a German company, supplies with their factory stands.  It seems to me that their advice to you was correct in that if you weren't happy with the ones supplied buy a different type.  It's clearly visible in the photo on their website that the supplied spikes are short.
I’ve had the same experience with Audio Advisor and Music Direct. Ever notice how all product reviews are positive? Seems to be par for the course. 
Send them 10 photo and some pictures with my B&W PM1 side by side to compare. They send me the link to buy new spikes lol.  

I was very excited when I bought Canton bookshelf speakers but they arrived in severally damaged box so I requested return label to ship them back . That's when problem started , they refused to take them back and threatened me that they will charge me $80 for shipping back  and wanted me to open box and inspect them which I did . Bottom edge of speaker was affected by impact and it was damaged . Then they want me to test them to see if they work , I said that I'm not interested in keeping damaged speakers for full price and I'm not going to waste my time and test these speakers unless they offer me discount . Finally after week of email exchanges they offered $50 discount on $400 speakers with damage which I declined . Now all I want is to return them and get my money back so I don't have to deal with this shady company ever again and I advise everyone to do the same and stay as far away as you can or you will be sorry like I'am . 

I too have nothing but excellent experience with Accessories 4 Less. Of course, that is when I was concentrating on HT stuff. Regardless, their prices are fantastic, and service has always been top notch in my book.

Don’t have much interest in new HT stuff right now, but should I in the future, that would probably be my go-to if interested in the manufactures they carry.

My son and I have spent literally $1000's with Acc4less. The prices usually do seem too good to be true. But if you know who they are and what they do, you can pick plums at great prices. The short list of purchases include super top shelf Marantz whiz bang receiver. (My son) It has operated faultlessly. A Yamaha s2100 CD player. Retail $3500 but paid half that! Unit failed outside of warranty period but thanks to Acc4Less guidance Yamaha not only repaired free of charge but installed upgrades. Still my main player. Faultless operation after trip to shop. Three subs...all failed due to misuse (too much dub at unreasonable levels) even so Acc4Less replaced a unit (customer always right?) until I found out I had in house electrical problem. The owner has personally called me to advise. Highly recommend but realize they are looking for factory rebuilds on purpose nd discontinued items. Crazy deals can be found and service is excellent.   

I have just had a terrible experience with Sold me certified refurbished speakers, and they are entirely different color. Even after this picture, they refused to admit it and said slight color variations are expected! No refund, no offer to replace, just sarcastic emails and a hard no. They also told me something about Kef not having sequential numbering and color matching, which I called Kef, and confirmed WAS NOT TRUE.

The test of a good company is not that they get it right 90% of the time, it's their response when things go wrong. Read reviews on BBB and Yelp, they avoid Google, but there is enough here to worry anyone wanting to shop at  Accessories4less and hand over thousands of dollars! 

Judge for yourself. Picture of the speakers below. Are these a matching pair !!