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聖HIJIRI Users thread
I have found Sternklang to provide a little more punch and detail while Hijiri is a little more musical.  I agree the combination of both makes perfect sense.   
Music Server Advice
I had a Lampizator Pacific DAC that was pretty good. Then I added the Lucas Audio LDMS Music Server. Oh my, the SQ was night and day better. You should contact Lucas Domansky utilizing What’s Ap ( Free phone call) and just talk to him about your n... 
Lampizator Gulfstream matching DAC?
I don't have a Gulfstream but I have owned two Lampizator DACs and they are wonderful.  Check out What's Best Forum for the many comments on Lampizator and Baltic 4.    
Has Tweek Geek stop selling QSA products?
@agisthos  If it works then it is worth it.  I don't disagree that it would be nice if they released the technique / secret sauce to the audio public, but then their enterprise would go away.  I have some Hijiri Power cords that cost $5k.  Some o... 
DAC Shootout Starts This Weekend
@tsushima1  Most interesting Will , I assume that you haven’t posted that consideration over on WBF where you would be burnt alive at the stake. Are you referring to my observation that the Pacific was not that much better than the X-1 or the fa... 
Has Tweek Geek stop selling QSA products?
QSA - Hong Kong  
Has Tweek Geek stop selling QSA products?
I actually spelled it wrong...QSA Lanedri.  This is a sub dealer for QSA that are marketing its own line of QSA cables.  You can check it our at What's Best Forum under forums / QSA Lanedri.  I am just guessing as I have no knowledge why Tweek Gee... 
Has Tweek Geek stop selling QSA products?
I wonder if it had something to do with QSA Landrei?  
Quantum Science Audio Thread
I have the silver jitterplug and the difference was night and day.  I agree that due to its weight and where I have it located it is not a great connection.  I might prop it up with a board.  I had the SR orange Duplex outlet already.  Down the ro... 
New Lampizator Baltic4 or demo/used one?
It is the best site if you really want good audio information.    
Phoenix and Tucson Record Shops?
BTW, Little Miss BBQ has the best Brisket in the country and I have been to KC, Memphis, Tx, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida for BBQ.  The Ribs are outstanding also.  You have to get there by 10:30 am. so go have some BBQ to fuel your record search ... 
New Lampizator Baltic4 or demo/used one?
I would ask that question to the WBF guys.  There are a ton of Lampi owners on that site under Digital.    
Why do I need a switch?
What just happened to my system?  I am a newbie to two-channel network switches.  I started researching them a month ago.  I thought my music sounded fantastic, to begin with.  I purchased a TeddyPardo LPS for the very front end of my whole house ... 
What is the most challenging music to play on a stereo?
Rock ----three guitars, drums and organ.  It is great to listen to in the car but not on a great sound system.    
Schumann Resonator
Not all tweaks work in my system....my 21 SR HFTs were a waste of money.  The Schumann Resonator is now in the trash.  It did not help me sleep nor did it do anything for my music.