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Horn speakers with Imaging?
Does everyone have the same definition of imaging?  In audio terms, what doe that word mean?  
I am a big QSA fan.  I would forget the LPS.  Put the best one you can afford in the Dac followed by the amp.  Another suggestion is to go with a QSA Jitter plug.  I had great results with a used crystal silver QSA Jitter plug that I used at the e... 
Best USB cable upgrade for around $1000
Op Did you buy a new USB cable yet?  I had the FTA Callisto.  It was a very good cable and then upgraded to the FTA Sinope for my Lampi Horizon DAC.  Send me a private email and I can explain better.  I have since gone to a SPDIF cable ilo of USB... 
What new gear have you just bought?
$39k worth of QSA Lanedrie cables and cords and one Silver Horn outlet.    
Audio / Stereo Rack
Call Paul at Adona.  Great racks and custom to your needs.  They hold two Aries Cerat Mono amps at 176 lbs a piece with ease.  I then was able to sell of all of my isolation pods.  Great value for the money!  
Who has been an "Insider" with Audiogon?
I had it for a year.  I got absolutely nothing our of it.  Even the Bluebook was not helpful.  But that was just my experience.    
Cable elevators
So, if cables touch or lay on each other is that considered to be an audiophile no no?  What is the difference between carpet, porcelain tile or wood floor or wood blocks?  The juice is what is inside the cable not outside the cable.  So how does ... 
Does it make sense to "ignore low ball offers"?
If the offer was a total insult I ignore it.  However, for the most part, I will counter.  What really pisses me off is when I counter and they accept and then they say I will send the money after my check clears in two days and then they go dark.... 
Raven Osprey Sonics But With More Power
I would still talk to Dave at Raven and ask him about the new MK4 Reflection.  Maybe you can do a trade.  I used to own the MK3 Reflection in a room the size of 45''L x 32'W with 20'H ceilings.  My Reflection at 65wpc  drove that room effortlessly... 
Raven Osprey Sonics But With More Power
What is your budget?  Why not go with the Raven MK4 Reflection?    
Adapter question
Try Woo Audio  
Are Sales Down
During Covid, I was able to sell a lot of components and cables very quickly.  In the last year, I have had no luck selling anything, even with really good equipment.  For example, I have had an Inakustic 3500P Power Conditioner on multiple sights... 
GIK Acoustics can't ship without damage
You get what you pay for.  I was a super unhappy customer.  That is all I am going to say.  
Music Server Advice
Lucas Audio Music Server.  Give Lucas a call on What's App.  Phenomenal server and customer service.  It elevated the sound in my system immensely and that is with a Lampi Horizon DAC.  
$50k - $80k Budget…Opinions please.
Yah room is important  but maybe you can't do anything to the room.  Obviously, you had the Harbeth in the old system, and that worked out fine.  I have been in your shoes twice in the last 4 years.  I did travel around the country to visit areas ...