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Surge protector/conditioner for vintage system
Op Please investigate Inakustic 3500P power conditioner.  Great German engineering.  I have had mine and love it.  I am getting a whole new system so I am going to upgrade to the 4500P.  Send me a private email if you are interested or want more ... 
horn or line array?
I have had both and once I purchased a good horn speaker I will never go back to anything else.  The soundstage is wider, easily driven, most realistic sound for me.    
Question about Shunyata Power Conditioners
Have you ever considered an Inakustic Power Conditioner?  I have one.  German engineering is at its best.  
DAC Shootout Starts This Weekend
@verdantaudio  I have debated pre vs no pre for two years.  I got rid of my Pre when I got my Lampi Pacific and Horizon.  I could not hear any loss of sound quality.  That said, I did order the Aries Cerat Ianus Ageto Pre.  I can't tell you why e... 
Is it still worth buying a Lumin x1 in 2023?
If the op can get an X-1 for $6k, you should buy it and resell it for $8500.    
Is it still worth buying a Lumin x1 in 2023?
+1 tuberist. i have had the Lumin D-2, A-1, U-1 mini and the X-1.   There is no comparison.  Not to hurt your feelings but I found the D-2 to be lifeless.  The X-1 with new power supply is solid.  Look for the X-1 on the used market for between 8... 
New DACs High End Munich 2023
What is your budget?   That makes a difference.  
Power conditoner..
I have an Inakustic 3500P Power Conditioner for sale on US Audio mart.  I have decided to upgrade to the 4500P level to support a new system.    
Interview with Stavros Danos of Aries Cerat
@acresverde --much to my wife's chagrin, they are being traded in as part of the Aurora deal.  My wife loves them and so do I.  Yes, I am crazy, but you only live once.    
Interview with Stavros Danos of Aries Cerat
I have the Aries Cerat Ianus Essentia monoblocks and I have on order the AC Aurora speakers, Ianus Ageto Preamp, and the Kassandra 2 DAC.   Stavros just makes great high-end components.    
Network Acoustics Muon ethernet filtering system - Improving streaming sound quality
After 2-3 months of using the Networks Acoustics Muon Pro Ethernet cabling system, I can say that it has taken my music to another level.  I am amazed at how good this cable is.    
The Best Audio Dealer
Colin King at Gestalt Audio in Nashville.  Great equipment, great knowledge, great demo policy, great guy and fair pricing.    
300b lovers
I am just curious, what 300B tubes did you get?  I had 16 Western Electric 300B tubes in my old Canary Mono amps.  They were really good.  
Change of Ethernet Cable
Network Acoustics Muon Pro Cabling system out of the UK. Give Rob a call....a great guy     
Most Difference
Network Acoustics Muon Pro Ethernet cabling system. Game changer