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Are DIY Cables Worth It?
Springowl,Proper cryo treating removes midrange colorations and improves clarity, as well as extending the highs. 
Replacing stock cables: where to start
Sorry Jeff, but I disagree.Filtering alone doesn't explain everything. Have you considered that your powerline filters may be choking off or reducing the instantaneous bursts of current that produce the superior dynamics that great PC's are capabl... 
Why Palladium in cables, wiring, etc. . .?
Not to stick my neck out too far, but I think a large part of the reason is inductance, specifically inductance at frequency. I know XLO, and probably others, feel that DC resistance isn't the overarching factor that it might seem based on the 'nu... 
How to re-terminate Tara Labs AES-EBU cables
I'll second the idea of contacting Drew at Moon Audio. The man does absolutely first-rate work. 
Shunyata PC's - Taipan/Python Helix
Teck5,It doesn't surprise me one bit that you are hearing a large perceived volume difference between the Shunyatas and your DIY cable with the gold Furutech connectors. The gold Furutech connectors you're using have an extremely high level of ene... 
Get Power Conditioner -downgrade my expensive PCs?
Snofun,I never "degraded" Bryston in any way. It seems your intent is simply to mock those you disagree with, rather than have a reasoned debate, so I won't indulge you.As a parting shot, I'd just like to remind you that DBT does not prove that no... 
Get Power Conditioner -downgrade my expensive PCs?
Snofun,Bryston states that they believe "filtering" power cords impact the 60hz AC current, therefore reducing the performance of their amplifiers, which implies that they do believe PC's make a difference, but that in their opinion it's a negativ... 
Get Power Conditioner -downgrade my expensive PCs?
Snofun3,Bryston does not say "it won't make a difference" in reference to power cords. Also, DBT fails miserably at proving audible differences when comparing amps of similar design and power rating. Are you saying you're imagining the superior so... 
Get Power Conditioner -downgrade my expensive PCs?
Saffy,I was referring to PC's that I've built. 
opinions please
You might consider this strip for your use as well. Wireworld TundraIt has unplated brass outlets (sourced from Taiwan) connected in series with 11 awg solid copper wire. I had one cryo'd to check it out, and it was pretty neutral. It would also b... 
Get Power Conditioner -downgrade my expensive PCs?
IMO, finding a PC that is tonally neutral and has powerful dynamics and clarity top-to-bottom is not easy. Most of the tonally neutral PC's I've tried are lacking in dynamics and/or clarity, while many of the more powerful sounding PC's seem to ha... 
Get Power Conditioner -downgrade my expensive PCs?
It's the old 'weakest link' analogy. You really can't skimp anywhere in the power chain if you want your gear to give it's best. 
why the PC change the tonal on my gears.
Andrewdoan,I wouldn't be worried about any such nonsense. While I found the Prelude to be one of the worst sounding cords I've tried, it's certainly no 'danger' to your system. 
Anyone else experiencing the rude highend retailer
I'd like to point out that, at least for Brick 'n Mortar stores that I've visited lately, there's a big difference between 'high-end' and 'audiophile'. Many of these stores are nothing more than a place for those concerned with one-upping their fa... 
Anybody still using soft rubber isolation devices?
Soft feet have plenty to offer. I use Brightstar Isonodes under my transport to connect it to my old-school, sand-filled Brightstar Big Rock platform. Makes for a very clean, clear and organic sound.