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Vivaldi SACD recommendation?
Check out "Vivaldi, Concertos for the Emperor" - a collection of violin concertos (not the 4 Seasons) with Andrew Manze and the English Concert on the Harmonia Mundi label. Violin playing doesn't get much better and the recording quality is excell... 
Less filling - great taste?
I would add Devore Fidelity Gibbon 3 to your list. A tiny speaker that doesn't sound small. 
what is good music?
Classical music is filled with examples of pieces that were not received well upon first hearing, heck for several years in some cases ... so I don't think initial listener reaction is a good guage of worth or value. I'm sure many of us have had t... 
Need advice on Unico 12AU7 tube rolling
I also own this cd player. If you want detail and clarity I highly recommend Radiotechnique and RFT tubes. In terms of transparency and detail I haven't found a better tube than the Radiotechnique in my system. It may sound a little lean in your s... 
Tube Suggestions Onix SP3
Are you sure that the reading isn't 1.055? Is your voltmeter set to the right "range"? Try swapping positions of the 5881 tubes and see if the same position gives the abnormal reading. You may want to just get in touch with av123. They've been ver... 
Tube Suggestions Onix SP3
Hey get2it1 - the SP3 is not an autobiasing amp, you need to re-set the bias whenever you replace the 5881s. Technically the 6l6gc is not a direct replacement for the 5881 and needs to be biased higher than the 5881. The 5881 bias should be set a ... 
Tube Suggestions Onix SP3
get2it1 - yeah, 6L6GC. There are several people on the av123 forum who second Newbee's recommendation of the SED 6L6. I haven't tried them yet myself but when my Tesla's die on me I plan on giving them a listen. My own experience has been that cha... 
Bel Canto 2i Gen II
If I remember correctly I think the Bel Canto 2i is based on the evo200.2 amp and pre1. Check out the 6moons review of this integrated, I seem to remember it covering this very fact. 
Tube Suggestions Onix SP3
I think the original 5881 tubes in the SP3 are Shuguang (Chinese). Check with I have the same amp and replaced the 5881 with a set of JJ/Tesla 6l6gc and have been really happy with the results - much fuller bass response and an overall ... 
Need help finding thread and website
Are you thinking of Tube Audio Design? TAD-60 amp and TAD-150 preamp? 
Best bang for buck powercond. ?
I've had great results with my Blue Circle Music Ring. It's a balanced conditioner with seperate digital and analog outlets. They're in your budget new and also show up occasionally used, here on the 'gon. 
"Off" vs. "Standby" and tube life
Thanks everyone. 
"Off" vs. "Standby" and tube life
Matrix - thanks for the response. I just want to make sure I am understanding you correctly - are you saying it IS okay for me to put my solid state integrated into standby and then power down my tubed CD player? I generally keep my system fully p... 
No headphone output....options???
Look for a headphone amp that has a pass through like a Channel Islands VHP1 headphone amp. You can put it between your integrated and source and listen either through your headphones or through your speakers without having to disconnect anything.... 
Anyone using an Audio Mirror T61 pre?
Thanks for the responses. I'm thinking of putting together a second system and this is on my short list of moderately priced tube pres. Anyone out there compare this to the TAD 150?