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Speakers that leave room to upgrade front-end
I currently use a pair of Totem model 1's in my audio room (matched with a REL sub) and a pair of Totem Arro's in my den. The Arro's are made for small rooms and can be placed close to the back wall. Check out the reviews. For a small speaker, you... 
Best speaker in the $4-6k range.
I agree with subaruguru on the revel's over the aerial's. There are many speakers out there that are more musical than the aerials for less money. If you are going to keep the krell, listen to the revel, totem, sonus faber, and joseph line of spea... 
Suggestions for small bookshelf speakers?
I own a pair of Totem's Arro speakers in my den's system. Very nice. They are made to work well in small room and close placement to the back wall. I also own a pair of toem model 1's and I would not suggest placing these on a shelf or using a sma... 
Krell KSA200s bi-wire vs. 2 Yamaha MX1000 bi-amp
I don't agree about the Yamaha amps being wimpy. Before selling your Yamaha's, try to do an in house demo of both amps. Also, Krell's sound is too harsh to me and I have heard Krell setup with a set of ML speakers and they did not do justice to th... 
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i would recommend the Classe cap151 or the Mcintosh MA6500 integrated. I used to power a set of NHT 2.9's with the Mcintosh, and it made the nht's sound smoother. I eventually went with Classe seperates and really enjoy the sound of the Classe gear. 
Seeking Great Cool Runnin' SS Amp...
i have the Odyssey monoblock amps. I leave them on all the time and they are very cool to the touch, even at loud volumes. great pair of amps. I prefer these to the mcintosh amps i have owned, and to the classe, plinius, sim audio, etc... that i a... 
Opinions AV recievers under 1000 new or used
I sold a Yamaha dsp-3090 integrated amp/processor which was highly rated. the only reason i got rid of it was the lack of DTS. I purchased the Yamaha rxv1 amp/processor/tuner to replace the 3090. I have owned Yamaha gear for almost 30 years and I ... 
Integrated or Separates?
listen to a mcintosh ma6500 integrated. very nice. can pick up a used one for around $2000. I used to own one but went to seperates. 
Strangest Tweak?
totem beaks! 
Odyssey amp,excessive hiss with balanced outputs?
i also have the odyssey monoblocks and i am using 2m xlr cables with no problems at all. 
Here's my room...what are my options?
I used to own a Mac MA-6500 integrated amp. I like the Macintosh tube-like sound. I looked at both the Joseph and Revel monitor speakers and went with the Totem Model 1's with a Rel Strata III subwoofer. The totem's had more of a natural sound wit... 
Amplification for Proac 1SC and Totem Model 1
i also have the model 1's and use a pair of Odyssey monoblocks to drive them. These speakers do require power to get the best sound from them. 
How Do Odyssey Amps Stack Up To McCormack Amps.
before I purchased my odyssey monoblock amps, I compared them to the classe stereo and monoblock amps, mcintosh seperates and integrated amps, sim audio, plinius, McCormack, and bryston. i would not nor did I look at NAD or Rotel amps. whole diffe... 
How Do Odyssey Amps Stack Up To McCormack Amps.
No comparison. Go with the monoblock Odyssey amps. 
Best subwoofer for 1000 to 2000 dollars
Try a REL! you can hook up the sub with both stereo leads for audio and a LFE for home theater and adjust them seperately. Also, IMO, you won't find a more musical sub for audio listening.