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What should be mandatory in every professional published review-
Amen to that. Fastest way to ruin reviews, demand what they must and must not be. This is probably a tough one to explain, but people's opinions are really only valid to the extent they are the sincere opinion of the listener/writer. The more you ... 
Which power cords have high resolutions and separation??
Thanks tyray, glad you are doing well with SR. Hard to go wrong there. Especially in the price range nasaman is talking.  At some point you get to where you can afford M101 and then that’s the way to go. I’ve compared a lot over the years, it is h... 
Is the seated-centered solo listening to music a dated tech?
We started with the one speaker approach. One microphone too. You can still get one. It’s called the phonograph.   
Are advances in technology making speakers better?
What should you do? First of all, relax. You are always being told to upgrade. We all are. Why? Because, in order to stay in business they have to sell, and people who have already demonstrated desire (existing customers) are always the best marke... 
The character of analog and digital
digital imposes more of its character on the music.   Amen to that. Well said.  
I keep being reminded of how much power cords mater
The turntable motor is a key component. Actually every bit of a turntable is critically important. It’s just hardly anyone ever changes just one component part to realize it. My second turntable mod was to replace the Basis motor with a Teres. Not... 
Jays Lab Streaming Digital v Vinyl
And even clearer if he had used Origin Live Voyager S. Although honestly my $10k Sovereign/Enterprise rig would do.   
New Solid State Triode may be in the offing
Buckminster Fullers ephemeralization of technology proceeds apace.  
Your Favorite Cover Songs?
Which power cords have high resolutions and separation??
naaman, as I recall you are in the Bellingham area an hours drive north of me. Come on down, I have M101 Supernova and more you are welcome to compare.   
What is on the horizon for POWER!
Half measures. Dyson sphere. Only way to go.  
Do You Tell Others How Much You Have Invested in Your System?
What are the big attractions at Capital Audiofest coming up this Friday?
In case you missed it at the NY show, Millercarbon Cable Cradles will be in the M101 room again.    
I keep being reminded of how much power cords mater
Incidentally, it's not just the pc. I've upgraded the motor controller power supply as well. Converting from AC to DC battery is huge. Turntables and phono stages are great for this because current demands are low and so something like an ordinary... 
I keep being reminded of how much power cords mater
Funny you ask, one of my very first mods was remove the black rubber pc from a Basis turntable motor and hard wire a better one. Wasn't sure it would work, and being inexperienced I used a really cheap ($75) power cord, that wasn't even worth tryi...