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A New MC to Catch One's Attention
Scotch? No thanks. Whats the best Vodka.?
Russian vodka reigns supreme. Haven't had Russian Standard, but having been there I have had more premium Russian vodka than I can name, with probably half a dozen unopened bottles on the shelf, every one of which I am sure clobbers any non-Russia... 
Dedicated Electrical
Excellent choice.  
Cables to settle brightness
This is the problem with the band-aid approach, otherwise known as system matching. The idea is to cover up flaws of commission with flaws of omission. Proponents of course put it in more favorable language, but the result is the same.  Somewhere ... 
Best way to keep REL sub from “hopping around” at high volumes
Best by far, Townshend Bars. These do far more than prevent hopping around, they actually improve bass, and also greatly reduce bass getting into the floor. Huge improvement. Second best, Nobsound or other springs. Not as effective as Pods but at... 
Dedicated Electrical
Adding another panel adds additional connections, another expensive panel, and an additional circuit breaker. The only advantage would be if the wire run is very long, 100 ft or more, in which case it would allow use of much larger gauge wire for ... 
Steely Dan On The Water
Judas Brown. Good God.  
Share your ‘I MacGyver’d it’ solutions
Septic service wanted $2k to replace my crumbling D-box. Something about the acid dissolving concrete over time. I took two old plastic flower pots, put one inside the other, poured concrete cement into the 1" space between them. $2 for the bag of... 
Steely Dan On The Water
It is funny, and at the same time a bit creepy-cringy, how well they go together.  Kind of like,     
Please any idea how to plug in Tara Labs RCA connectors very close together? Thanks
What he said. Or, heat shrink tubing. Just please no electrical tape.   
I keep being reminded of how much power cords mater
@millercarbon    I see a company offering "upgrade DC power supply wall warts".  Would these also make a difference on a turntable or phonostage? Results are all in the details but in general, yes. Wall warts use different methods to get DC, bu... 
What's it worth to you?
OMG. I will no longer complain about Better-Records prices. At least a Hot Stamper gets you a good pressing.   
Share your ‘I MacGyver’d it’ solutions
Started with phone books. Upgraded to racquetballs. Currently using mattress springs.  
Is the seated-centered solo listening to music a dated tech?
Watch the video about the totally deaf guy who listens to music holding a balloon. He prefers mylar. Better imaging. I am not kidding.  
Subwoofer suggestions for budget system?
My subwoofer suggestion for a budget system is: none. Don’t do it. Especially not for $2-300. In that budget range you can buy Townshend Pods, Cable Cradles, Purple Fuse, HFT, or any of a number of interconnects, power cords or even speaker cables...