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Which stereo amp to try under $30k
I’ve not personally auditioned anything substantially more expensive than another item and found it to be inferior. I’ve auditioned a lot of stuff, but not everything, so I’m sure it happens, especially with the more obscure stuff out there. I thi... 
Which stereo amp to try under $30k
@eziggy I am sure Music Lovers will take care of me on price and support. At the moment leaning towards the Boulder 1160 with the option to get the 1110 preamp down the road. Need to hear it in my system first to make sure it sounds good in my room. 
Which stereo amp to try under $30k
I maybe would have understood for an in-home trial, yes! But this was literally for what he said was “an hour of their time in a dedicated room in their shop”. I was blown away. Why does anyone shop there? I read the Yelp reviews and it seems like... 
B&W 802D3
I have them and they sound really incredible. Can’t say I regret the purchase at all. They definitely not bright and have a wonderful mid range. The reason they pop up for sale more than others is simple. They’re a big company, with a very popular... 
Which stereo amp to try under $30k
I've heard several of the amps so far, but none in my system. That's going to be challenging, as no store is going to do a home trial for a new customer. Having listening to halo options from Air Tight, Plinius, Chord, Linn, SimAudio Moon 880M, Ma... 
Which stereo amp to try under $30k
Hoping to pop up to Audio Vision soon  
Which stereo amp to try under $30k
Already have the highest quality vinyl and the Rossini is no slouch as a DAC. Expecting in home listening later this month.  
Pre-amplifier suggestions
Why the Boulder 1010 not the newer 1110? Finding used Boulder equipment is tough (I’ve tried). I get the impression people rarely sell unless they are going up the Boulder line.  
Yet another Qobuz vs. Tidal debate
I love Qobuz’s sound and the library is pretty good. That said, I also get drop outs using a modern MacBook Pro and wired gigabit internet service.  
Need Help, B & W 702 S2, KLIPSCH RF 7 III or Focal 926
I’ve heard all 3 and felt the 702 was the most refined and neutral sounding. The Klipsch was a bit fatiguing. If you already like the 802 (I’ve got 802 D3s) you’ll like the 702s. That said, depending on your price and considering used, maybe also ... 
Soundsmith - Hyperion vs lyra ETNA
Beautiful setup! Types of music? What sound profile are you looking for? Electronics seem to the warm side? 
Soundsmith - Hyperion vs lyra ETNA
what’s the sound you’re looking for? There are lots of great cartridges in this range including the ones I mentioned. What’s the rest of your setup? 
Soundsmith - Hyperion vs lyra ETNA
I’ve not heard the EMT 6, but I would have thought from what I read that it’s not really in the same class as the Lyra Etna. Also not really the same price category either. I recently we through some exploration on cartridges including the Etna. I... 
Developing critical listening skills
Wow @rwortman that’s rough. For many people, like myself, it’s not imaginary. There is a big difference and it helps me connect with my favorite music even better. Orchestral and jazz in particular. Some music is hard to reproduce. For instance, g... 
Recommend speakers for a large living room
I think these threads are generally filled with people suggesting obscure speakers that are 1/5 the budget you have. Big space, big speakers. I’d recommend at least starting out with some of the larger Focals, B&W 800D3, something in the middl...