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Pictures at an Exhibition
I think audiophiles want to think the conductor has some magic, but it’s the players doing 97% of it. The conductor can make small changes with tempi and dynamics, but that’s it. Conductors are, however, very good at marketing. Also, modern orches... 
OP just figured out how comments sections in the internet work  
DCS Bartok APEX or LINA and master clock
Geez, some serious hate in the Bartok and dCS here. I have the Bartok (non-Apex) and Rossini Apex, and can assure you they both sound amazing, and definitely not bright. Is there more air and a little more detail in the Rossini, sure. But if you w... 
DCS Bartok APEX or LINA and master clock
Interesting. It was only $9k to upgrade my Rossini. I have a Bartol as well but for headphone use I feel like the APEX upgrade won’t be worth it.   
Curious to know your streaming and dac set up and the best recommended streamer under $15k
Easy. Bartok. Nothing else will be close.   
Why does pulling out main speakers from wall improve sound?
patricia barber - diana krall - holly cole
I think all you defending her are proving my point. Horny old men who care more about that the albums are “generally magnificently recorded“ than the music itself. Top tip. There are lots of albums that are well recorded.   
patricia barber - diana krall - holly cole
I think the first night would sell, with a bunch of boomer male audiophiles with their remaining testosterone, and then it would be an empty house. There is a reason no one other than audiophiles listens to them. You know there are actual jazz mus... 
Dan D'Agostino S350 vs Luxman M-10X
For the Alexia, between these two, I’d go with the Boulder 1160. Or at least that’s what I have for my Alexia II and it’s a match made in heaven.   
Looking for Speaker Recommendations
Used Wilson’s are pretty reasonable and sound amazing   
Indentical measurments = Identical performance?
I’m beginning to think jack isn’t really a hifi guy. I’m beginning to think he’s paid by ASR. Who are you trying to convince? You’re not. You’re just trying to wind people up.   
DAC diminishing returns
@seanheis1 if you think the D90 is the ultimate transparency and what the engineer intended, you both don’t know DACs and sound engineering. That’s pure nonsense. Not that I would recommend it for home use, but if you want to hear what a studio en... 
DAC diminishing returns
No, there is no limit. Just what you’re willing to spend. Inversely, there is a point of actual returns. I have many dacs, and have tried them from all price points. I don’t believe under $1000 there is much difference and in many cases, the cheap... 
The review wehave been promising is up
Of course he is. He wrote another post about it. Unclear why Audiogon allows a salesman to harass us to buy stuff from his store.   
The review wehave been promising is up
Maybe it’s just me, but any time Troy responds, my first instinct is to assume the worst, like a slimy used car salesman. I agree with above that the review out of context of direct comparison is pretty useless.