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For classical music lovers best amp for large orchestral forces?
I can’t speak to your speakers and matching, but my Boulder 1160 attached to my Wilson Alexia 2s will blow your mind at the end of Mahler 2. The timpani shake your chest. The organ will rattle your brain. I love it.   
Which DACs are known to be sweet/rich/relaxed?
I have many many dacs, and as others have mentioned. In your price range it would be tough to beat the dCS offerings. I have both the Bartok and a Rossini+Clock and they are miles better than anything else I have tried. Smooth, detailed, never bri... 
Why is used audio equipment so undesirable?
Troll posts on used gear site that stays in business through used gear sales that no one wants to buy used gear. People reply. What a world we live in.   
“House” Character of Popular $20-$30k Speakers
@nyev you can find Alexia’s at a reasonable price used, but my bigger point was that I ended up getting rid of the 802 D3 because of bass. And yes, I would say Wilson and B&W, while not having the same signature, certainly both reside in a mor... 
“House” Character of Popular $20-$30k Speakers
I had the 802 D3 and they definitely lacked bass presence. Switched to Wilson Alexia 2 and it’s like someone added a sub. Almost the same size drivers but ported.   
Solid State Phono Stages
I have the Boulder 508 and it’s fantastic. Compared to the 2108 and it was very close. Table is an AMG V12  
Luxman D-10X Follow up
I guess you live in a country where streaming isn’t available. I’m sorry to hear that. This is a fine CD player indeed.   
Luxman 509X, 590AXII, or Gryphon Diablo 300 for B&W 802d3
I had the 802D3 for a few years in my system and had a few different high end amp. My feeling is that the highs and mids will be wonderful with any of the amps you mention, but bass will be a challenge in any reasonably large room. The bass will b... 
Turntable upgrade recommendations: SME vs AMG vs Technics vs other
I have heard many high end tables, and I ended up on the AMG Viella V12 in my system. It sounds incredible. I have a Lyra Etna cartridge and all Boulder electronics. I’m not sure I’d be able to get a better sound for less than 100k and I love the ... 
Why do all Mahler recordings seem too bright?
There is nothing bright about the recent Los Angeles recording of Mahler 9. Or the CSO Resound recoding of Mahler 3. Both are the best recordings of those works played better than any other orchestra.   
Which stereo amp to try under $30k
I've had the Boulder 1160 (with 2110 preamp) for a while now and I really can't imagine a better setup for my Wilson Alexia 2s. All the amps mentioned are excellent, but the Boulder was for me. It's powerful, warm, and highly resolving.   
One big reason why brick and mortar high end audio dealers struggle.
You only needed to make an appointment! At least it wasn’t as bad as Audio Vision in SF which charges $150 for the honor of listening to something in their store, even if you’re a serious customer. Oh, and depending on who’s asking, another $250 f... 
Mcintosh 462 stereo amp, good choice for b&w? Others
I tried both and heard very little difference but settled on the 4ohm one. For my space, though, the non-ported 802 d3 just didn’t pack a low end punch. I tried integrating a sub but didn’t like that either. I actually use the 805d3 for my home th... 
Mcintosh 462 stereo amp, good choice for b&w? Others
I had the 802 d3 with the 452. It was a good pair, but I always found the bass lacking with the 802s. Went to the Wilson Alexia 2 and it was like someone added a sub to my system. Night and day difference in the low end. Granted I also switched to... 
boulder and d'agostino
I have the 2110 and it’s an end game preamp. I replaced a ARC Ref 6 and it was shocking how much better the Boulder was.