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CD vs.same CD ripped to HD
All of my CDs have been ripped and reside on my server, I don’t notice any difference between the FLAC files or spinning CDs from my transport player, also streaming can be added as well.  All of these formats sound very good.  
Have you found your "End-Game" speakers yet? I have. And it feels so good!!!
I have a pair of Daedalus Argos V2 and have no desire to replace them.   
The N-200 is a fine server, it's well worth consideration. Your current DAC should be just fine, but an upgrade to a higher class DAC, down the road, will pay nice dividends....Good Luck.   
I stream 24/7. Do you?
Mostly listen to my CD collection,  and stream Tidal some-what.   
If I rip all my CD's to flac files do I still need a CD transport?
All of my CDs, about 1k, have been ripped to FLAC files, and reside on my server. I stream Tidal, but mostly listen to my CDs and I still buy CDs. I have  a Cambridge CXC transport, but it doesn't see much action. As of now, I have no plans on get... 
What are your top 3 favorite female singers?
Pat Benatar  Joan Osborne  Martina Mcbride  Plus many  more.      
What are your top three live concerts of all time?
Maiden...Power Slave tour....84, along with all the other Maiden shows.   Queensrych,  Empire tour 91....see above.   Steve Miller Band......96, first time I saw him, wow what show....the track "Winter Time" simply amazing.   
Well built, aesthetically pleasing wooden cabinets
I have a pair of Daedalus, Argos, in cherry wood they look and sound great.  
Your last concert was to see who and when?
Dreamsonics, last month......great bands and a good time.   
Cable elevators
I bought a set of cable risers from Music Direct, years ago.....still using them.  The visual impact is cool, the impact on sound improvement is zero.   
Length of SPDIF cable
I have a 1M SPDIF,  and it works just fine, I haven't heard of the 1.5M being the ideal length. But YMMV.  
SET Lovers, what's the one solid state amp you love(d)?
I had a Modwright KWI-200 and a Pass Labs INT-30, both now discontinued, but fine sounding amps. Good luck in your search.   
Cardas vs Cardas vs Shunyata interconnects
I have both Cardas Cygnus  I.Cs and speakers cables, for the last 4-5 years,  I added a Clear SPDIF cable earlier this year.  I have not tried any of Cardas P.C.s, I have no issues  with any of these cables and happy with the sound. The only other... 
user poll on seperates vs integrated
Although I have had separate over the years, with a tube P.A.,I find that my I.A. is a good match with my speakers. I don't believe anything is missing.  Separates have greater flexibility if swapping P.A's is desired,  but there are many well de... 
The best speaker cables you’ve had
Current cable is Cardas Cygnus.  Second best,  signal cable.