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When buying a streamer, make sure you also consider the user interface friendliness as a criteria in your evaluation. Also, some streamers do not support (internal) WiFi access if that's something that is important to you. Good luck with your search. 
Preamp Output Capacitor: Mundorf Supreme vs. Supreme Silver Oil
Thanks for the link. I found the video where i saw the capacitor polarity topic discussed.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnR_DLd1PDI&feature=youtu.beP.S. Sorry if a bit off topic but might be of interest. 
Preamp Output Capacitor: Mundorf Supreme vs. Supreme Silver Oil
Thanks for the input. One quick and hopefully non controversial question: do any of these capacitors need to be installed in a specific direction even though they are not marked for direction? I have seen some tube amplifier building/repair instru... 
Cube Audio Nenuphar Single Driver Speaker (10 inch) TQWT Enclosure
“... Is it just me or is 15000 clams for a single driver speaker seem somewhat pricey?...”May be yes or may be no...https://www.dagogo.com/feastrex-makoto-loudspeaker-system-review/ 
Doge 8 Clarity: 12AT7 replacement for phono stage
One other thing you may want to try is experiment with the different gain settings on the Mani to better match your cartridge and see if that helps reduce the noise.  
A change in efficiency to the final sound
"If I use this 30 watt p/p tube amp with two different speakers , one with 99db. efficiency and one with 86db. efficiency and all other characteristics being equal , would the amp have a different sound with each ? If so , how ?"If the listed dB ... 
Doge 8 Clarity: 12AT7 replacement for phono stage
"...replacing the phono section's 12AX7 (Mullard ECC81) tubes with lower gain 12AT7..."Just to be clear, ECC81 is the equivalent of 12AT7. 12AX7 tubes have the designation of ECC83. Double check your stock tubes.    
Preamp Output Capacitor: Mundorf Supreme vs. Supreme Silver Oil
t_ramey, thanks. I’m also looking at 2.2uF values for my preamp and I now see the prices are on par for 630 volts rated model when buying a pair and ODAM pair is cheaper for the ones rated at 400 volts. 
Preamp Output Capacitor: Mundorf Supreme vs. Supreme Silver Oil
“...came along with the ODAM suggestion. They’re smaller and cheaper than the Miflex so I’m looking forward to trying them...”Where do you find the ODAM capacitors selling cheaper than the Miflex?A 0.47uF Miflex is around $25 vs. a 0.47 Vcap ODAM ... 
Cheap Speaker "Isolation" Solution for 300 lb. Speaker
“You can try these Pads can are good up to 60 lbs per square inch. thats 960 lbs per individual pad. 4 PACK ANTI VIBRATION PADS ISOLATION DAMPENER SUPER HEAVY DUTY BLUE 4x4x7/8 | eBay I have used these under speakers and to also isolate my TT free... 
Vandersteen 2ce Signature vs Tekton Double Impact
For that size room, you may want to consider Tekton Design Impact Monitors. I think the bass from the DIs might overwhelm your room. Just a thought. 
Audio Research Ref 6 SE
“...Same with Auto companies ... new model every few years...”Not a valid analogy, in my opinion. Even aside from cosmetic/design changes, auto industry tends to make specific and measurable advances in technology which can result in improvements ... 
When is the Apple Camera Adapter necessary?
My understanding is the camera adapter is just an ‘adapter’ and if your DAC or player accepts USB-A, you should be able to transmit content through this connection. 
New tube preamp
If you decide to expand your search to include other tube preamps, you may want to add Aric Audio to your list. His preamps may not look as exotic as some on the outside, but it’s top quality under the hood, both parts and workmanship. He can also... 
Best bass in Earth! Bass that just smells right...
Duke, how do you handle the adjustment of phase at -90 degrees between the two (or four) passive subwoofers while using only one amplifier in the Swarm system? Does this approach require two or more amplifiers each with a separate phase control?