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Streamers and bit rot.
Are you buying a streamer or getting married to one?! That aside, any company that relies on software for the proper operation of their product - which basically covers almost all technology and consumer electronics manufacturers, would have to be... 
Truly High Efficiency, High Quality, Nearfield Usable, Affordable Speakers, Do They Exist?
What is the budget? 
Is there a such too much power for speakers?
While I disagree with the notion of the more the better, I don’t think a high powered amplifier can hurt a speaker as long as the listening volumes are within reason and the capabilities of the speaker’s drivers. General recommendation is to spend... 
Recapping Krell FPB-Monoblocks - Need Advice
They do more than just a recap when you send in a unit for service. You'll get them back within full spec and they'll will last you a long time. For $3K, I'd definitely have them serviced and enjoy their quality sound.    
MHDT Orchid or Lampizator Amber 3?
Brownsfan, point well taken. It sounds like you have a very well sorted system. Trying one of these DACs in your system may be a good next step.  
Congratulations. Even at $4K you won't find anything new or even lightly used to compare with the 23.5. Enjoy. 
HELP with an intermittent static fuzz noise in right channel! Is this bad tube?
The obvious first step is to switch the tubes between the channels and see if the buzz follows the channel.  
I need a loudness switch
"My god man, get a Schiit Loki!!!"I'm also looking for a similar solution as the OP and am wondering how would the 20Hz control on the Loki blend with speakers that only go down to 35-40Hz? My concern is getting a "single-note" bass unless they ha... 
MHDT Orchid or Lampizator Amber 3?
I never attributed the notion of "congestion" to how a DAC chip or a DAC in general affects the sound. For me, I always felt (or thought) the speakers were the limiting factor when playing complex orchestral passages, particularly loud transients.... 
Beginner: Best all-in-one including speaker unit?
++ Vanatoo. They sound much bigger and better than their size and price suggests. 
Moving up from a Node 2i
Thanks for your input. Given the logistics, I need to rely on WiFi but it looks like there are solutions available to address this requirement. 
any Rethm owners out there?
I’ve heard at shows with LTA gear and they sounded good but not particularly outstanding. Hard to tell if it was because of the electronics, speakers or the room, or all combined. 
Moving up from a Node 2i
I don’t see any references to support for WiFi in some of these “better” streamers. If WiFi is a requirement, what would be a recommendation for an upgrade from the Node2/2i? 
Resistors vs.peltz Autoformer- Differences
Aside from the load impedance, wouldn’t adding a resistor in series with speaker driver affect the high frequency response of the driver, particularly in case of a single driver or a tweeter? 
PrimaLuna preamps. Use of 5R4GY tubes instead of 5AR4 / GZ34. Yes or no?
He's saying 5R4GYS not 5R4GY.....Read this in case you're interested in more detail:https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/tubes-valves/67523-5r4-gy-5ar4.html