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Bluesound Node 2 vs. Node 2i
Thanks for sharing your experience. Just wondering how old was your Node2 and if you use its analog output or use an external DAC? 
Suspended cables
Been discussed ad nauseam...https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/does-raising-speaker-cables-off-the-floor-really-make-a-big-difference 
Pure Class A SS vs Tube Amp
"...first 6 watts is pure class A sounds really good I’m just wondering what I’m missing i guess I need more class A..."With speakers @ 102dB efficiency, of course depending on your room size, I suspect most if not all of your listening is within ... 
Pure Class A SS vs Tube Amp
"...I’m trying to decide pure class A or Tube amp..."There are lots of tube amps that run in class A. Look for single ended triode or pentode (or beam power) design tube amps. No experience with your speakers but Line Magnetic models with 300B or ... 
PROAC D48R Bass Booming
What type of floor are the speakers placed on? If suspending wood floor, make sure they are decoupled from the floor. You can also experiment with blocking the side vents near the floor to see if that helps.   
Comparison of latest DAC chips
"It's hard to take stuff posted by people who take extreme black and white positions seriously."Amen. Well said. 
Friend needs advice for $8,000 system
"Sorry I should have mentioned the Magnepans are non-negotiable, so a $5,000 budget for everything else."Magnepan .7 is ~$1,400 in US. Are they $3K where your friend lives? 
Anyone have this kind of problem with their amp?
An easy place to start is to make sure all the wiring/cable connections are clean and tight. Try pushing/twisting the interconnects/cables when the channel goes silent and see if that makes a difference.     
Recapping Krell FPB-Monoblocks - Need Advice
"You really think it’s only a couple hours labor per amp? That would mean Krell is charging me over $500 an hour. Krell also told me it’s a huge improvement when these are recapped. "Don't get sidetracked by listening to people who have no direct ... 
MHDT Orchid or Lampizator Amber 3?
I agree the stock Orchid a good DAC but in my system I sill much preferred the older LamizatOr Amber (not Amber 3), which I currently have in my system. To my ears, some of the comparisons made between the Amber 3 and the modded Orchid were spot o... 
MHDT Orchid or Lampizator Amber 3?
"The 6SN7 is in and playing, 10 minutes ago. Soundstage is unleashed, filled-out, big, warm, detailed, easeful, relaxed, with enormous bass and dynamics."This begs the question why the stock Orchid does not use this tube. Seems like a very obvious... 
Best Integrated for Martin Logan ESL 13A
I have heard various Martin Logan models driven by various McIntosh amplifiers and integrateds, all solid state, and I thought they sounded very good. In particular, the McIntosh solid state models with the autoformers were a great match.  
Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC with Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge: BASS sounds 'muddy' The Reason?
It it were me, before spending $500 on a $400 turntable/arm/cartridge piece, I would follow the (other) recommendations by some experienced members. You first need to identify the weakest link and then take the next step. As mentioned earlier, you... 
“I'm using the 5670/6DJ8 tube socket adapter available on-line. It did not require any circuit modifications...”This is just a curiosity question. Is the adapter just “adapting” the pin outs or also compensating for the differences between the two... 
Streamers and bit rot.
Unlike amplifiers, DACs, speakers, etc., streamers and streaming music in general benefit from advancements in the telecommunication industry, both outside and inside the house. Of course the quality of the user interface software is equally impor...