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Leben CS300XS Tube Rolling
@ghasley nope I just misread thanks for the heads up and OP don't use KT77s 🤣  
Leben CS300XS Tube Rolling
What tubes are you using now that you're hearing graininess? Also what speakers are you driving? My favorite EL34 variant is the Gold Lion repro KT77. I haven't used 12ax7s in years so no recs on those from me.  
Searching for a little more warmth
I agree with most above I like Zu speakers but they are certainly not warm at all. Devore, Audio Note are both good calls and will work with a 300B amp. However if you're streaming a lot a good Dac will do you worlds of good and a tubed Dac could ... 
Paypal drastic changes
Sorry but freedom and paying taxes are two entirely different things.  
Are You a Swifty?
She seems like a cool girl but musically speaking not my cuppa but she is certainly a lot of peoples.  
The Psychology of Constant (Equipment) Change
I don't think it's OCD as much as a lack of impulse control that said there are worse addictions to have than high end audio gear.  
12AX7A preamp tubes - ribbed vs smooth plate
That is very sad new indeed I knew Bill had been ill what an audio legend may he RIP.  
12AX7A preamp tubes - ribbed vs smooth plate
Hey emergingsoul I very well have too many tubes in or out of boxes that said the 12AT7 tube is not a rectifier tube.  
12AX7A preamp tubes - ribbed vs smooth plate
I doubt there are 4 rectifiers that doesn't make any sense.  
Company headquarters and warranty repairs
I'd buy the Dac that sounded best and those are all 3 pretty prominent brands I'm sure all 3 have some sort of US service arrangement. You can find this out pretty easily if you search.  
12AX7A preamp tubes - ribbed vs smooth plate
@immatthewj amps use a variety of small signal tubes in their inputs it's also possible the OP is referring to an integrated amp.  
Need a replacement motor for Audiomeca J1
Well what did the electronics shop tell you? I'd think it wouldn't be hard to figure out the specs on a motor. And your replacement motor will have the benefit of not being encased in poisonous lead!  
What do you like to see included in a manufacturer's website?
As said above definitely photos of every side of the gear and in inside nothing is more reassuring than being to see inside a high quality piece of equipment. A ballpark MSRP is also helpful. Also making the technology clear is important, I want t... 
A Tale for Your Bemusement
Hey Jim glad you got a feature you liked back. My Auralic Aries can sort files into genres which can be interesting to see what ends up in what genre.  
Who still does mods for CD players
I kind of assumed Dan was out of the modding biz @mulveling that's interesting to hear and @lalitk the analog bridge seems like a perfect add on to any digital source without going through a mod great call.