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Pre Amp break-in balance issue
Great outcome joeyfed55 I usually find weird issues like this to be operator error somehow. I know that’s been the case with my dumba$$ more than a few times. 🤣  
where/who builds the Borresen / Aviik Denmark gear?
Try sending a message through their site perhaps? I doubt they are being intentionally vague.  
Amp vs Preamp
To me it is the preamp but of course the amp matters too. Common sense says get a good preamp and marry it to a good amp. ;)  
where/who builds the Borresen / Aviik Denmark gear?
Copied from the Audio Group Denmark website.   Handcrafting & Innovation We design and handcraft everything by ourselves. Everything, from the loudspeakers’ driver units and the casting of the silver rings to the cables and the inside of ou... 
Using two Luxman integrated amplifiers together
As the others say try it you own both components so nothing to lose. Curios myself which combo will sound best.  
What gear do you want to demo?
An original Kondo Ongaku is something I'd love to hear.  
300B or 2a3 SET Class A for Heretic Model A?
Another 2a3 fan here it has a clarity and a speed that 300B doesn't have, to my ears at least.  
Actual listening experience with Devore and wolf Von langa
I would think the 096 would fill a room that size just fine it's a pretty large speaker and can play quite loudly. And if you had the 093 you have a great idea of what that sound will be. Not sure where you're located but WvL has been pretty activ... 
Actual listening experience with Devore and wolf Von langa
One thing I left out the Devore was driven by Shindo gear and WvL by Tron tubed gear that might also account for a bit of the difference that part is hard to say.  
Actual listening experience with Devore and wolf Von langa
I've heard both speakers and like both very much all things being equal I'd go with the WvL because I just love the sound of field coil drivers. That said the 096 is no slouch and I could very happily live with it. I'd say going on memory it's a ... 
How many monthly kilowatt hours, including hi-fi, do you use?
Looks like I am in the 4-600 kilowatt range, small condo but I listen a ton not sure how much hifi contributes to that total.  
Tube amps under $7500
+1 on Synthesis really excellent sounding gear, excellent industrial design and fair prices.  
Accuphase e-280 Review
Not sure what the rules are for dealers these days but this reads an awful lot like an ad to me. Nice looking amp though.  
must you play music to break in tubes
If your amps are on just play music and on the subject of crackling it can sometimes subside but not always. The crackling will not hurt your speakers in any way.  
New expensive power cord for amp and no change in sound?
I agree with some of above power amps in my experience display the least changes with power cords. Again this is my experience yours may be different. Also a $500 power cord should be no slouch. Lastly to me power cord differences fall on the subt...