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Power adapter/supply for Mirage LFX-3 crossover
I will opt for a 16VAC 1A rated Walmart. if you look at the schematic, the 4700uF filter cap is rated 25V which is a bit too low for 18VAC after rectified (18VAC X 1.414 - 1.4 = 24VDC), and the 7815 regulator only required 17V input voltage, anyth... 
Primaluna EVO 400 Amps/Preamp lacking bass impact
the only issue with using the RCA preamp out to the SUB, is the LFE is shared, so would have to unplug and change cables for movies. unless I am missing something. One solution is install a line level A/B switcher Or an Audio Activated Line-... 
Tube Amp recommendation for Thiel CS1.6 under $2k
The CS1.6 is not difficult to drive. However, its small woofer cannot be reproduce low bass. Twenty years ago I had been using an Audio Research SP-6C preamp with a D90 amp to drive the CS1.6 and a 15" subwoofer to enhance the low frequency respo... 
12 wire compared to Nordost Blue Heaven Speaker Cable?
Will these cables sound any better than heavy speaker wire? OP should know the answer once he gets the cable.    
Pre Amp break-in balance issue
I don't think break-in will correct it. If you're pretty sure the speakers and cables are working fine, my suggestion is to connect the preamp's right output to the power amp's left input, and the preamp's left output to the power amp's right inpu... 
A switch for 3 amps
Vintage Turntable Recommendation
If it were me, I'd look for a new vintage looking turntable. How does this $500 AT look?   
Requesting opinions about 4 specific amplifiers
In my opinion the luxman power amplifier section pairs well with the Dynaudio Confidence 20. If it were me, I'd invest in a tube preamp for more SQ impact. Again, just my opinion.    
Accuphase E-260 Voltage Conversion (100V to 230V)
@jgore  You're welcome, glad I could help. The function of the power transformer is to convert the mains voltage into the operating voltage required by the amplifier. It all has to do with the "turns ratio" of the primary to secondary windings. ... 
Hi McIntosh MC8207 owners, please help!
If after turning on without music playing, the center right heatsink of the amp gets quite hot in less than 20 minutes, while the other side doesn't get nearly as hot, the problem may be some faulty ThermalTrak power transistors in that channel. ... 
moving coil loading
The preamp only supply 6 sets of loading resistors, that is the reason I recommend the metal film resistor kit, it contains 1280 pieces 64-value ±1% metal film resistors for $10. My suggestion is start with 82Ω or 100Ω, and try different values ​​... 
moving coil loading
@atmasphere  Thank you for the circuit analysis, greatly appreciated.    
moving coil loading
If the phono section is resistant to RFI at its input, its plug and play with no worries about loading @atmasphere , That’s the problem! We don’t know how resistant the Acoustat Trans nova preamp MC phono section is to RFI. IMO, a load resis... 
moving coil loading
A general rule of thumb is that the load resistance is at 10 times or higher than the coil impedance. My suggestion is buy a metal film resistor kit, starting with 82Ω, and try different values ​​to find what works best for you.    
Using 2 Amps with Audible Illusions Modulus 3A Preamp
When you responded to my previous post, I edited it, sorry! A general rule of thumb is that the amplifier input impedance is at least 10 times higher than the preamp output impedance to provide a flat frequency response.