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Something new.
It's a lifestyle turntable that looks cool, but it's not a hi-fi product.  
Audiophile grade passive impedance buffer
I think your only option is a transformer unless you want to go for active buffer.    
Repair of Butler Audio Amp
Replacing a power switch is a simple job that any electronics repair shop can do! Just make sure the replacement part is up to the task (voltage and current ratings), and better yet, install an RC snubber to protect the switch and make it last lon... 
My Consonance Cyber 211 failed I need directions diagrams of the components etc. Help!
Swap the output tube and see if the failed output transformer takes the output tube with it. Also using another mono block as a reference, check to see if there are any resistors that are out of spec.    
Voltage conversion of Accuphase E-5000
@foolishman  Sorry, I don't have voltage conversion information for the E-700, I'm guessing it's probably similar to the E-5000. However, if you could post some pictures of the power supply board, maybe we can figure it out.    
Voltage conversion of Accuphase E-5000
@foolishman  The E-5000 has an auxiliary transformer that needs to be changed to accept 120VAC mains voltage. Main transformer voltage conversion is similar to the E-650 and E-600, just move the two plugs and sockets to the middle row.    
Schematic for Krell KSA-300S?
The new Coda S5.5 amplifier: It's a "Petite Beast"!
@gryphongryph  It is impossible for a 50Wx2 pure Class A amplifier to only consume 90W at idle! The 90W reading must be in standby mode! The "BIAS" button should be turned on with no input signal to test idle power consumption.  
Accuphase E-260 Voltage Conversion (100V to 230V)
@jgore  The power switch is responsible for switching the mains voltage, unplugging the power cord when not in use will not help. If you want to avoid wear and tear on your power switch and minimize stress on  power supply components during the ... 
CAL alpha dac resistor values
I found a high res image on the web, looks like R102 is 22Ω (red, red, black) and R122 is 100Ω (brown, black, brown). However, the color code was quite different from the image which @dekay provided in the first post. https://post76.hk/th... 
dbx 10/20 cap issue?
I tried to post pictures, but can't figure out what to do when it asks for a url You can upload the pictures into your system page, then open the picture in a new tab and use its URL.  
Integrated tube amp as amp only
Only the 12AX7 are preamp tube, the 12AT7 are driver tube. If driver tube are not installed, the power amp will not work.  
Best Preamp with Tape In and Tape Out Monitoring Capability
Solid state Accuphase, tube Atma-Sphere. If you need more tape loops, check out the Sony SB-500.    
Unintended PC Comparison
To my surprise, there was ZERO loss of fidelity between the cables.  I thought how can this be so I started just testing the two PCs on both sets of amps.  I wanted to hear a difference.  I paid to hear a difference.  I heard ZERO difference.  An... 
Changing from European to American power supply on clearaudio emotion TT
Another option:  Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 12V DC - 230V 50Hz