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Older Def tech Powerfield subs...
Powerfield 1500 sub, sealed.Powerfield 15TL sub, Slotted port.TL = Transmission Line. 
Pendragon center channel
Do you like this one? 
What Difference Will A 4k Capable DVD Player Make?
Mitch, try a 1080p projector, it will do a better job on your 220" screen. 
Floorstanders for small room 10x10ft
Why has to be floorstanders if monitors on stands will perform better in a small room? I believe the Revel M20 can go down to 30Hz without any help with a sub-woofer in a small room. 
4 ohm Load for Denon AVR-3600 Receiver?
Check this out:AVR3600 ManualORhttp://audio.manualsonline.com/manuals/mfg/denon/avr3600.html?idRes=4065317 
Budget Tube Integrated? + Tube related questions
Milesandcoltrane,In a small room, one thing to consider: Tube Amp = HEAT!Are you in Singapore? 
Best legacy preamp-amp combo for $1000, is what?
Nakamichi CA5 with PA5 or PA7. 
First foray into separate 2-channel amp, 200wpc
Mtrot,If you want to experiment if the 9is will benefit with more power than 130w, you can assign two more channel from the rxv1800 to bi-amp the 9is.To answer your questions:1. a higher quality separate amp will improves sound,2. fill with lead s... 
First foray into separate 2-channel amp, 200wpc
I'm with Loomisjohnson, the 9i is a very good speaker and also a easy load, it doesn't need a lot of power to make it sing, a good quality power amp like the parasound A23 @125W/8ohm will do. You also can fill the 9i with 20lbs+ lead shot to impro... 
Single Sub Woofer for two separate systems?
You're welcome Jamesk58, few years ago I been using SP-6C with D90 for 2 channel and Denon with Sunfire Amp for HT, a speaker switcher on single pair Thiel CS1.6 and happy with the result. 
Single Sub Woofer for two separate systems?
The Niles SAS-1 switcher will do the job, you can use one pair speaker with one sub for Ht and 2channel system. 
Bi-amping for HT
Jamesk58, you can use a A/B speaker switcher on your speaker to select HT or 2channel system. 
Best Fully Automatic TT
ELP laser turntable = fully automatic, = best?? 
Bypassing B&K AVR 507 Pre-amp.
Rich,it can be done but not a good ideal, the pre/pro can do the bass management then send the signal to the 507 7.1 input, however, the signal had to pass thu two volume control and it will degrade the sound. why not sell the 507 and use the mone... 
DVD picture too small using component cable
Philjolet,Check the sony player output interlaced or progressive scan signal from component out, older player only output interlaced signal ( before progressive scan player available ). S-video out will work fine on your TV.