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Amp shootout.....Tenor 75wi verses Berning ZH270
Wow, how cool....!All I have to say is that the UPS man is on his way to my house with a new Berning ZH-270 amp and I'm like a kid before Xmas. Tubegroovers comments are great. The fact that this amp can even be objectively compared with a pentult... 
Personal amp evolution
Went from Yamaha to Nakamichi to Rotel to B&K to Krell to Ayre and, finally, I have arrived with the David Berning ZH-270. 
Used 2200 speakers as good as 6000 spks new ??
Dude,Look at a pair of Hales Revelation 3s or 5s listed now on Audiogon. They are 2-2500 uses but were 5-6000 new. Hales went out of business last year but these are regarded as some of the best speakers ever made. Or, score a pair of Merlin VSMs.... 
Dynaudio 1.3mkII Vs Proac 1SC
I also have owned both and still have the Proacs. While I agree with the need to match the right electronics, etc., IMHO the Proacs are more musical and engaging.Get a small Sunfire or REL sub and you will be pleased.But don't get confused, you wi... 
Musical system for under $2K?
Integrated Amp Choices: Rotel, Creek 4330, NAD CD Player Choices: Rotel 951, Rega Planet Speaker Choices: 3 flavors of B&W($250-600/pr., Epos Connections: Tara, Nordost Stands: Pickem' at $$100 Mix and match result: Sweet system for around 2K. 
Small Home Advice
Go but the latest iss ue of "The Absoloye Sound." They are featuring fully configured, and tested, sytems in ALL price ranges. You can never go wrong with: Rotel RCD 951 CD or Rega Planet Rotel or Creek Integrated Amp B&W 601s (Big choice in $... 
cd players w/xlr out & no pre-amp needed
I have a Mark Levinson #39 CD "processor" that drives my Ayre V-3 amp. It's a CD player and DAC/preamp. You can also use the DAC for other digital inputs, ie. DVD,MD.