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Are Pre-Amps necessary?
In my experience, yes they are needed to get the best out of your music. 
Class A into Class AB
My Parasound JC1's have a high bias mode which provides 25W of Class-A before switching to A/B, vs 10W in low bias mode.  It's clearly an audible improvement which I use when doing serious listening.  Not marketing fluff in my experience with the ... 
Integrated / speaker pairings in the $6-7K range
I had fantastic results with Focal Dome sub/sat system and a Micromega AS-400 integrated.   
Which subwoofer?
I've owned Velodyne, SVS and RBH subs - and now have a JL F112 V2.  The JL is in a completely different league in my system. 
A Word About SkyFi audio Customer Service
Totally agree ebm.  SkyFi is your place...  
Lumin or Aurender
I chose Lumin, very happy with it. 
Amp Upgrade time, $6000 budget, used or new.
There is a nice pair of Parasound JC1's listed for $4500.  I've had mine for years and have no desire to upgrade. 
What is Happening?
Is it possible you have some tubes that need to be replaced? 
Audioquest DBS System
Mine just died after probably 5 years or so, easy replacement. 
Need a preamp, new or used.
I have very similar musical tastes and also use Parasound amplification (JC1's) with AQ cabling and have been really happy with my Levinson 326 preamp.The rest of my system includes a Lumin streamer, Ayre QB-9 Twenty DAC, Aerial 10T's and a JL F11... 
Is the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge or Lumin D2 good buys in 2021?
Another vote for Lumin.  I'm using their U1 Mini to my Ayre QB-9 and thrilled with the combo. 
Experiences Selling Stuff On Audiogon?
I've had nothing but great experiences selling here. 
Streaming newbie looking for guidance
I moved from a Mac Mini to a Lumin D1 Mini and the improvement was significant. 
What player to stream Amazon HD with?
I recently switched from a Mac Mini to a Lumin streamer and the improvement in SQ was significant.  Lumin does not currently support Amazon HD, but I was told by them that it should soon.I can recommend the D1 Mini, and the interface is the best I... 
Esoteric DV-50
Yes, but it's clunky - if I can't find one it's ok but I much prefer the original.