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If you had to pick a laptop or mini-PC, which one?
@soundchasr,I went from a Lenovo Flex <something> to the latest HP Spectre x360 and thought the USB-to-DAC sounded more open with expanded soundstage.  Cost me $1400, but nice machine and still cheaper than something like a Lumin U1 Mini.  B... 
DAC Measurements vs Actual Experience
I have tremendous respect for the good people at Benchmark. If you want 2+2 to equal exactly 4, they're your guys.  But to audiophiles 2+2 can equal  4.3 if you pick the right 2's.  If we like 4.3 better, that's our issue and not theirs. I had my ... 
Which USB Re Clocker
If USB noise is the problem, perhaps the USB Disruptor or Core Power USBe-Perfect is all you need.Here's a positive review of the latter.  Seemed expensive, but I see it's on sale.https://www.audiopursuit.com/2020/05/core-power-technologies-av-usb... 
Which USB Re Clocker
Jay,There's a discussion in headfi.org.https://www.head-fi.org/threads/new-denafrips-ddc-iris-and-gaia.931695/E 
Which USB Re Clocker
There's this new assumption that nothing of good audio quality comes out of a computer USB port because of the horribly noisy computer innards and operating system thrash. Has that ever been proven or is it a very lucrative marketing claim? All th... 
Your vote for greatest (covers) album
What's that I hear?  The songs of Phil Ochs. 
Streaming: WiFi or wired??
Good routers let you prioritize service to specific devices.  I was having weird dropouts until my daughter found a "Max Connections" settings deep down in the LinkSys router configuration that was set by default  to 12.  Upped it to 50 and everyt... 
Best tube preamplifier for under $15k
Tried several and judged them to be this or that compared to this and that, then the Modwright 36.5 with NOS tube made me cry.   Your experience may vary.  Might be better at this or that. 
What are you streaming tonight?
The new Sarah Jerosz,--World on the Ground--on Qobuz.  One of the best new albums I've heard, clever, poetic songs, beautifully sung. 
New Denafrips recklocker/converters: IRIS and GAIA
A lot of the guts of the IRIS are the same as the USB input of the Terminator, which then feeds the I2s circuitry inside the Terminator, so a question is how much this external device can improve the Terminator.  I'd like the best digital path but... 
Lumin D2 or U1 Mini
Benchmark DACs are very good at eliminating jitter and noise from the server/cable, so I hope you tell us if the Lumin makes a noticable improvement in sound. 
Magico vs the world
Last time I heard an A3 they sounded bottom heavy in a Spinal Tap'ing way, but it might have been the rest of the system.  Moving up the Magico line, I'd detour to the Vivid path. 
Fairly new to streaming. Where to start?
Artemis, I agree with DJones, although I have no personal experience with either unit. The Yamaha seems a lot for a little, and a clever product. I can get caught up in exotic USB cables, but that aside, I bet the Yamaha with a nice DAC would soun... 
Fairly new to streaming. Where to start?
Artemis, just get JRiver for your laptop and connect to a good USB DAC like a used Benchmark.  It will sound very good and you can start your streaming journey from there. Also, if you go to Radio Paradise and set your stream to FLAC, you'll be su... 
Wilson's Chronosonic XVX loudspeaker over 3/4 of a million US dollars
There can be several truths about Wilson:1) they are genuinely attempting to build an extraordinarily great speaker2) the results are impressive3) they are selling exclusivity...maybe because it’s a nice business model or what they love.