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Appreciate Some Dac Advice
I swap in some fairly exotic DAC's, but always amazed when I put the ol Benchmark DAC2 back in.  Very transparent and fluid with firm, deep bass.  
Weakest digital link: DAC - Streamer - Server?
Basic computer technology allows you to transmit bit-perfect data from an Internet source to a buffer in the computer to a buffer in a device over USB.  If that was not true, the world would shut down immediately.  Perhaps there is noise that can ... 
Preamp shootout: Linear tube audio, Modwright, etc.
@giantsalami I love my. Modwright 36.5.  Upgrading the rectifiier tube, as recommended by Modwright, makes all the difference.  Ask Vintage Tube Services for a god Mullard. The 6h30's don't make that much differennce   
Ready For Digital Source...Computer?
A high quality laptop is a superb music server, and most are easy peasy to run remotely from a tablet in your listening chair.  Just saying there's a noise problem that pollutes and distorts the USB output doesn't make it so.  
Tube Amp, Preamp upgrades -- what did you do that improved your units?
I swapped out Gold Lion 6SN7's for NOS Ken-Rad's in an amp and got more bass definition and depth, which I liked in my system. The Gold Lions might be smoother on higher frequencies.  Not cheap on a per-tube basis, but no big deal in the overall a... 
Does Heavy Metal music benefit from a high end audio system?
Depends on the high-end and the Metal.  Some speakers purposely have a mid-bass punch that make Metal more visceral, and others roll off the top to keep that Metal from sounding like a high-speed dental drill.  If the high-end speaker goes for a m... 
Benchmark 1, 2 & 3
How do you know the firmware level and how do you upgrade It?I've been using a Terminator for a year and used my old DAC2 HGC to debug a problem.  I was stunned by how good the DAC2 sounded.  Great bass depth and control, and more upper midrange e... 
Upgraded from Parasound Halo Integrated to Modwright KWA 100 SE
The Modwright 36.5 line stage is also a great “used” investment if you replace the power supply tube with a recommended NOS Mullard.   
What speaker do you passionately want to demo?
New KLH-5A treasured memory of heyday KLH driven by large McTubes...and never quite sold on ports and plugs. 
Manufacturers past their heyday
Biology is a bitch for small companies named after the founder/designer. 
VAC preamps - too expensive?
It's very rewarding to be a VAC customer.  I started with a used, original Avatar integrated that developed a problem with the on/off knob.  I sent it to VAC, who provided a concise explanation of a past vendor issue, but then Brent took a persona... 
What is the #1 equipment want currently on your HiFi horizon???
Perhaps speakers that bring soundstage forward into the room.  I've heard horns do this, but WAF precludes considering them. 
Synergistic Research Fuses vs cheaper ceramic fuses
If an expensive fuse did nothing at all, most would keep it because it MIGHT be making a difference, the purchaser is past the angst of payment, and it still feels like a caring investment in the quality of the system they care about.  Since any r... 
Are Preamplifier’s Relevant Today or just a Hinderance with Digital Playback ?
Some like black coffee.  Some prefer sugar and/or cream. 
Klipsch Cornwall IV
I live in Huntsville.  Did a dealer search and Electronics Express came up as as Klipsch Cornwall/ Heritage dealer.  Never been to the store.