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The Worst Speaker you have ever heard.
Infinity Quantum Line Source. Spectacular to look at and lust for, but the worst ear fatigue ever experienced. Even the dealer admitted they sucked. 
Beatles Reissues on VINYL Finally
As a non-analytic anecdote, I have a Magnum Dynalab XM radio that was tuned to Breakfast_With_The_Beatles about a month ago. I stopped dead in my tracks when I casually walked into the room, then sat down to listen to what captivated my attention.... 
What Amp with KEF 105.2?
I pump 28 VAC triode tube watts into a pair of KEF 104.2's and they fill a two story room quite nicely. I've tried much higher powered solid state and thought they were far less involving. 
Levinson 23.5 - I think I need a new toy.
At the time, the 23.5 seemed like a perfect match for Maggie 3's, and probably would still be spectacular with the new ones. 
This may sound a bit silly but why are so many
Christmas morning is better than Christmas afternoon. AudioGon allows the buy/sell/buy thrill to trickle downward, allowing more to chase a high of high-fidelity. As with other things, the chase and expectation is often the best part. Don't buy a ... 
What are your general thoughts of B&W speakers
On one audition, I remember my head flinching and turning to the side when some high vocal harmonizing sounded shrill. Rightly or wrongly, I attributed it to the speakers. 
Music that everyone else loves but you just don't
@Thelid I saw Grand Funk when they played for free at an Atlanta mini-Wookstock. Afterwards, one of the people I went with took off a day or two of work just to listen to their album continuously. I didn't relate, but to each their own.Santana is ... 
Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
I'll have to agree with the KEF 104.2. They should be "old and in the way" but I have mine powered with a VAC Avatar in triode mode, and there is something about the midrange that gives pleasure, and can sound spooky real. I have an itch for the A... 
Pass Aleph 5 vs. Pass XA 30.5 / 60.5
I tried the Aleph0's with ML Quests, and it might have been a bad match or underpowered, but the results were interesting. When friends came to listen, they would say the Aleph sounded great, but then they would talk while the music was playing. T... 
Best recorded rock song ?
Baba O'Riley 
Zensati Cables
@David12 That's expensive, but not an insane price.It can be thrilling to buy such things, and money allocation is a personal choice, but itÂ’s insane. I make and sell a high-tech product, and this kind of markup applied to most any non-audiophile ... 
ARC preamp line up
I had an LS3, but didn't compare it to other AR preamps. I did compare it to a Conrad Johnson (11?) and a Audible Illusions 3a and thought the CJ was too unfocused (bloomy) and the Audible Illusions 3a pumped dynamics beyond real. I chose the LS3,... 
VAC 160i, any experiences
Has anyone compared the 160i to previous VAC integrated amps? I have an Avatar that I like, and the i60i would mean losing triode mode and going from EL34 tubes to KT88's. A step up? 
Help KEF 104/2 what amp do I need to drive them?
I had some KEF 104.2's in the garage, planning to give away. So to test them, I hooked them up to an VAC Avatar integrated (EL34 tubes) running in triode mode,(27 wpc) and it sounded so good that it replaced what I had, and is still producing endo... 
About those Roman Audio speakers at the NYC Show
I thought the Roman Centurions with Plinius integrated and MSB CD player were the most real-sounding system at the show other than the four channel Andras II/SACD demo. The tone was uncannily accurate. My only negatives were that vocals seemed to ...