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Packing VPI TNT 3.0
I own a TNT 3 Reference Special with JMW10 arm that I bought back in 1999, and it did come in three boxes.I contemplated selling it but it is very hard to repack into the three boxes.Call VPI and see if they have a copy of the original manual.You ... 
What is an audiophile? Are you an audiophile?
Anyone that likes quality music can call themselves an audiophile, but unfortunately most are inexperienced idiots. 
streaming devices, which would you buy?
I am not in favor of buying a streamer.Just connect directly to the internet and to the streaming website, and use a computer with D/A converter to listen, and select music directly from the internet web site.A lot of these steamers screw up the s... 
I have been on the hunt for the best turntable I can buy. Any suggestions?
$450 is not even high end!Save your money and go much higher in price! 
What are Your Favorite Tweeters?
Magnepan true ribbon tweeter.5ft long by 1/4 inch.flat to 40 kHZ.smooth and clear, HP said it was the best and I agree! 
Copper, silver, or gold MC cartridge coils?
I have owned 4 ZYX airy 3 cartridges no problems, all excellent!I bought all of them from 2Juki, saved big over SoraSound!I also bought 3 Benz Ruby 2’s from 2Juki, all excellent.Been dealing with 2Juki for 15 years. 
Copper, silver, or gold MC cartridge coils?
Dover I use stylist and all the cartridges are is great shape!I get 3000 hours of life with stylast , and there are many audiophiles agree with the life of my cartridges.You do not know what you are talking about IMO.I know what these cartridges s... 
Copper, silver, or gold MC cartridge coils?
I have just broken in my ZYX airy 3 SB gold cil cartridge after 30 hours of use and it sounds great.Better than the Silver coil and Copper versions IMO.I use a VPI TNT 3 Special turntable with JMW 10 arm from 1990.ARC used the same turntable as th... 
"Amplifier Noise Floor" and hum acceptable?
It is 2021, any audible amplifier noise floor and hum is unacceptable to me!I put my ear on the twitter and hear no audible noise or hum.Your Parasound amp has a ground loop problem IMO. 
Funny how streaming/digital still chases that analog benchmark.
Analog sound quality varies quite a bit depending upon the vinyl quality and the setup quality of each particular turntable/arm/cartridge.Analog does not always beat all digital, especially high Rez PCM and SACD playback.Each can sound great and v... 
Pass XP-25 mods
Mods to Pass Labs equipment voids the warranty! 
Copper, silver, or gold MC cartridge coils?
I have a Airy 3 Gold, silver base to mount, after my Airy 3 Silver, silver base, goes sour (which is soon, after 3 years of use).Also have a Airy 3 copper, silver base that has 1.5 years of use. I have two identical VPI JMW 10 arm wands on my TNT ... 
Copper, silver, or gold MC cartridge coils? 
Copper, silver, or gold MC cartridge coils?
One is preferable over the other two, IMO, as chosen by the designer and user.Not all cartridge brands give you a choice.I was thinking of ZYX brand.Has anyone tried all three types in one brand. And which did you prefer and what were the perceive... 
Amazon Music HD..... Not For Audiophiles
Amazon HD has 50 million songs and has Apple TV and Amazon cube apps.It sounds great to me, even in CD quality.I find High Rez "way over rated" in most cases. Good original recording mastering counts more than High Rez mastering as far a sound pla...