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Two new Schiit Yggdrasil's released yesterday!
Tvad,What did you not like about the sound of your Yiggy? Were unrefined highs a lack of detail or what?What DAC did you change to and how much did it cost? 
Critical listening and altered states
"Thinking is the best way to travel!"In search of the lost chord  --- The Moody Blues 
Pass Labs Xa60.8 Class A or should it be called class A/B?
All ‘class A’ power amps transition to A/B at high levels!Nothing sinister going on here. 
Best kept secret in AC line filtering conditioning
Chang Lightspeed line filtersmade a huge difference in my audio and video playbacktry the CLS 709 for about $ 
Alternate screw down clamp for VPI Aries
Buy the VPI stainless steel clamp.Heavier than the Derain clamp and sounds better.It is a screw down clamp. 
Do you all agree when Prince said the 60s, 70s and 80s were the golden ages of music?
I would say the late 50's, 60's and 70's .... stereo analog LP era.I can not stand Prince by the way. 
WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING!Do not use the caps locks key. 
Can my PS Audio Power Plant Premier be repaired? PS Audio won't do it any more
Dump PS Audio for lack of service on older products!There are good alternatives. 
Maggies with a subwoofer system - optimization?
Upgrade from Cardas Neutral Reference speaker cables
The original Cardas golden cross are the best I have used.No longer made but can be found used. 
Clean AC power
I use two Chang Lightspeed CLS 709 power line filters.One on main stereo system, and one on home theater system.As mentioned, your system may sound noise free, until you add a noise reduction device, and notice a big change....more 3D soundstage, ... 
Is there a Solid State amp that can satisfy a SET guy?
Pass LABS First Watt amps! 
XLR cables, worth buying higher end?
NO!I get excellent sound quality using Canare Quad Star XLRs from MarkerTec.They are inexpensive Pro cables used with Pass Labs equipment.Work better than RCA cables for short (3ft) and long (15ft) runs in most cases. 
Burning in newly rebuilt crossover capacitors
Audio Research has a written warning in the box that some newer preamps take 500 hours to sound their best.That is due to the odd ball, exotic capacitors they now use.The older ARC gear when Johnson ran the company had no such warning. 
Does tube testers tell how much life is left for tubes?
An approximation of tube life can be found from the cathode emissions, which I think some testers can provide.When the cathode electron emission drops way low the tube is at the end of its life.Tubes can test good right up to the end time of failure.