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A New Reel to Reel Tape Deck?
The linked article is more than 18 months old and claims that the un-named Swiss company will begin producing decks "next year." It looks like that isn't going to happen. 
Pickering v15 Series 4 Mystery
I think the V15 series of cartridges was made by Shure, not Pickering. 
Mint Tractor / Protractor for SME IV arm
There's nothing wrong with the SME alignment gauge, which is really quite clever. But, it's not the equal of a good mirrored gauge, which allows the cantilever itself to be aligned. I like the WallyTractor gauge. 
Help with "popping" Quad 2805
I don't think there are any tubes in a Quad 2805.In any event, new vacuum tubes should not pop or crackle.   
Skewed cantilever - Opinions?
swampwalkerI think my question would be how do you visually align to the cantilever?You need an alignment gauge designed for the task, such as a CartAlign or WallyTractor. These use a mirrored surface with markings that you align to the cantileve... 
Bi-Wiring Center as a left and right
krIf the speaker supports biwiring, it will send one input to the woofer and the other to the mid/tweeter.No, you're thinking of biamping. Biwiring sends the same signal to each. They are two different things. 
Bi-Wiring Center as a left and right
If you do that with a conventional amplifier, the result will be each of its outputs will be mono. If you do it with a balanced (differential) amplifier, you'll likely send the amp into self-destruct mode. 
B&W 'New' 800 Series
bo1972"I have proven that I can outperform Avalon loudspeakers by Platinum they way I work and use audio. Tomorrow I will proof that I outperform Wilson Audio Sasha the same way. "---Actually Bo, you haven't proven anything. You simply make a lo... 
B&W 'New' 800 Series
dave_bBo, I would like a list or a link to the equipment you utilize and the brands you feel are the best.  If you cannot do so, then your viewpoint must remain under suspicion.--Dave_b, Bo already answered your question: bo197I cannot give th... 
I thought VPI stopped production of their direct drive table
taters "I thought Harry retired and his son is now running the company."Mat runs VPI, but Harry is custom building some turntables, including the DD. 
Are stars that have contracts with the Vegas hotels relevant anymore
rpeluso... " 'Charts today' are irrelevant, from my perspective."I agree completely. It doesn't matter to me whether an artist is on the charts, or not.  
TTWeights closing their doors
Of course, it's always a bit sad when the audiophile community loses one of its manufacturers. Many of them are small businesses. They may be a one-person shop, or a closely-knit family business. Even what many consider to be a "major" manufacture... 
TTWeights closing their doors
has2be1" ...And you should verify your own facts.I stated North American materials, can you say with certainty the products you listeduse materials all made in America or are they off shore and assembled in America ?Actually, I didn’t make any cl... 
Audio Research Reference 150 severe distortion
czarivey"Wow I wish I can build some stuff that will require constant and future service for life! Nice business strategy indeed ..."If you like what you mistakenly imagine ARC's strategy to be, what's stopping you from pursuing it? 
No cartridge is good enough.
inna " ... Vinyl was never supposed to be an audiophile medium but tape was ..."Atmasphere was correct on calling this claim as erroneous. The innovation of the LP was absolutely driven by the goal of high fidelity. Tape, at the time that Goldmar...