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Audio Research discontinuing lower lines components?
czarivey2,343 posts"They've also become less reliable, less helpful and certainly less useful when it comes to servicing discontinued units. "I haven't found this to be true at all, either with new units or older ones. Do you have any actual exp... 
Advice for a new Oracle Delphi Owner
ateal " ... I have learnt that the current location of my springs in relation to the suspension housing is at the limit recommended in the manual, i.e. when i lift the sub platter my springs are flush with the suspension housing and no excess... 
Advice for a new Oracle Delphi Owner
atealĀ OP" ...with regards to the suspension tuning / balancing is there anything other than ensuring the distance between the plinth and the underside of the suspension housing on each pillar is equal to the "B" point of the suspension gauge (... 
Advice for a new Oracle Delphi Owner
I haven't had a Delphi III for years. But when I did, yes, I turned the platter off each time I changed a record. I always used the supplied Oracle "Groove Isolator" mat with the clamp and spacer-washer. When I traded up, I sold it to a friend who... 
I have seen some Interesting comments about Mcintosh lately
schubert2,776 posts01-24-2016 10:00pm"Wrong, cleeds, the people are the business not the factory,New owners = different company"Sorry Schubert, but new owners do not necessarily a different company make, and McIntosh has never gone out of busines... 
KUDOS to Music Direct
I've always been pleased with MD. 
I have seen some Interesting comments about Mcintosh lately
schubert2,762 posts01-23-2016 8:56pm"Nobody said ONLY the rich buy MAC and since it was sold the FACT is it did go out of business."No, McIntosh has never gone out of business. It has been bought and sold a few times, but it's been in continuous ... 
Who are the most underground high-end companies
deepee998 posts01-23-2016 8:03am"I can get absolutely top-end tube gear hand-built in Montana or Nelson, B.C., or Massachusetts for 10 percent of what McIntosh or ARC would charge, and with better circuity. The math is pretty simple. "The math... 
Power Cord Length
ebm01-21-2016 12:37pm"5ft is optimum for good signal flow and filtering."Could you please explain what you mean by "signal flow?" Other than a cable that is of high resistance because of insufficient gauge, what would constitute bad "signal flow" ... 
Tonearm recommendation
rauliruegas7,360 posts" I know exactly what I'm talking about. Is very dificult for any one of us to have a dialogue when exist diferent levels of ignorance in between persons. My level is high and I know it."If your knowledge is so superior an... 
Thomas Edison already answered your question. "We don't know a millionth of one percent about anything." 
Suspensions on turntable...really effective?
geoffkait01-13-2016 1:06pm"Of course the spring can be an air spring, air being a compressible fluid, no?"No, I don't think air is a fluid. It's a gas. (Actually, a combination of gases.) 
Bass is not enough !!! Speaker problem? Speaker cable? Power Amp? PC of Power Amp?
What's your source? 
Right channel makes raspy noise when playing records
Do I understand correctly that it makes this noise even if the stylus is sitting on a record but the turntable isn't spinning? If so, it sounds like the noise may be in your phono preamp. 
Outrageous used pricing on older McIntosh
An item is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. It's really as simple as that.