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YBA Passion Integrated or ML 383
The link from Google does not work. Here is the actual web site: http://www.yba.fr/uk/index.php By my "tube-like" comment I meant that the YBA appears to make tube lovers happy, meaning it does not sound too sterile or SS. On the warm and rich sid... 
YBA Passion Integrated or ML 383
The YBA Passion integrateds have recently been released in 3 new models: the 100, 200, and 300 Passion Integres. Check out the YBA web site for more info. Based on what I've read about these two brands the YBA may be more "tube-like" in character ... 
Best system for jazz?
Yep, I guess it's true that there are many solutions for jazz (and for any music). I'm not actually looking for a new system. I was curious what those who like jazz a lot listened to to get the most of the experience. To me the criteria that stand... 
suggestions for a headphone amplifier
There are several aftermarket cords for the Senn 650s. I like the Equinox cable. Others like the Zu but some say it's too bright. I tend to prefer a darker presentation. 
Amazing ''Overachieving'' products...your pick?
deHavilland Ios. Simply phenominal! 
suggestions for a headphone amplifier
I'm also looking for a new headphone amp. I currently have the Grace 901 which is a fine amp but I'd like to try a SET headphone amp. Is Moth still in business? 
Why not more on 845 SETs?
The 845M tubes are bright (light-wise)! I understand from the Supertnt.com web site that they are no longer available. There is a lengthy explanation about this; from the clunky Chinese-to-English translation I gather they are redesigning them. 
Lavardin IS Reference or IT - anyone heard?
Ed Sawyer, I like the 845 as well. How would the Lavardin compare to an 845 SET (roughly speaking). In case one ever had to move away from tubes for child safety reasons. 
Lavardin IS Reference or IT - anyone heard?
Did you see the current (in US) hifi+ review of the IT? It's pretty informative. 
Burned out Audiophile - Trying to Find some Zen
Yes, I've slowed down and simplified. For the most part I simply got tired of chasing something that I could never really identify. I also found a sound/system that I like a lot (!) while also realizing nothing is perfect so why look for it. It al... 
McIntosh MA6900 Sensitive to Power Cords? I have
No idea. I don't recall the sound changed all that much. 
McIntosh MA6900 Sensitive to Power Cords? I have
From what I've read about them you might consider the Nordost Vishnu PC. They appear to add zip and snap to systems though some say they cause some systems to turn bright, but this may be what you are looking for, not the brightness but a bit more... 
Should I add a DAC ? Which one ? Never used one?
I think it's in your budget, so look for one of the new Mk2 Audio Note DAC 1's. 
Best Cd Player under $100,000
You could buy 1,000 $100 CD players and have a music bank of sorts! 
Separate Transport & DAC: Why not?
The best digital setups that I have heard have all been separates, except for the Exemplar Denon 2900 which is an oustanding one box modded player. In general I don't buy the less is more argument in this case because it does not ring true with my...