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Absolute Best CD Players Out There Under $12k ?
My favorite headphone digital is the Wavelength Audio Cosine DAC with a good transport (consider Audio Note's new CDT2/II) though the DAC may lack ultimate bass depth. Or an Audio Note DAC. Also consider a Wavelength Audio USB DAC. That's what my ... 
What is the best hard drive based player?
I would get an Apple iBook and a USB DAC. The Wavelength Audio Brick is a good choice, but there are many more available. I agree that without a screen (and a big, big hard drive) a hard-drive based system is limited in capabilities. You could als... 
ipod -VS - Mac-Mini
Well, for one thing with the Mac Mini you can use an external USB DAC. In general, this will give you better sound quality than the iPod. The iPod is convenient because it's very compact compared to the Mac Mini and a DAC. The Mac Mini doesn't nec... 
300B or 845?
Right now I have an 845 amp - deHavilland Ios - and a 300B - Audio Note Meishu. They are both excellent, but different. The 845 is more dynamic with better PRAT, and possibly soundstages more specifically. The 845 has tighter, deeper bass. The 300... 
Review: Audio Note DAC 2.1x Balanced DA converter
With a good transport (the new AN CDT2/II bass is simply great. 
Any Payment Services Other Than PayPal?
I've heard that Google will eventually do this. Could be rumor though. I've read too much negative about Paypal to use it myself. I think a little competition would be healthy for them (and us!). 
845 or 211 based tube amps?
The 845M is smooth! Smoother than the 845B. IMO the treble is not forward, or irritating as you seemed concerned about. But the 845M is no longer in production unless Supertnt.com has started back up with a new version. 
Tube preamp with great pace?Cary, Supratek, etc.?
I would also recommend the deHavillands. If their preamps are anything like my Ios integrated they have good pacing. It ebbs and flows naturally with the music. 
Gallo Reference3 back orders
The audiophile industry seems to be like no other in how long it takes to fill orders. Waits of months is the norm in my experience. It's not a hobby for the impatient. 
Review: Audio Note DAC 2.1x Balanced DA converter
Atjandra888, I have not done this. However, the newer DACs are all filterless which is an improvement over the older design. 
Your "DREAM" piece
I'd probably go with the Reimyo CDP given all that I've read about it and the mystique around it, plus I like the look of it. But at over $14,000 it will remain a dream. 
Subtlety ? do any American amps do it?
You refer to only a few brands. And all the amps you refer to are SS. There are many US brands and they are all different. To my ears the Mcintosh tube amps could express subtlety very well. My deHavilland SET amp can be subtle and no subtle, it d... 
Our we Lazy?
Ciscomc, I'm intrigued by your system. Should I ever need/desire to move from tubes it's good to know the GamuT works well with the E's (which I have). 
Best Integrated Amp, Price no obstacle?
Has anyone compared the YBA and the Lavardin? 
Best Integrated Amp, Price no obstacle?
I second the Ios!