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Why do Wav and Flac Files Sound Different?
I have never streamed, so this may be a dumb question, but in the case of Quobuz, for instance, which is the outift from which I download, is every single file fetched for play tagged with an image of cover art? Is that cover art separate from the... 
Why do Wav and Flac Files Sound Different?
By the way, I am working from the start with .wav files here. Everything in the Quobuz "Download Store" that is "CD quality" comes as a ,wav file.  
4x Upsampling On My Transport
Benefits of Upsampling  
The Midnight Effect - Who-How?
Working inside a Faraday cage sounds oh so metaphoric for working at a Scientology lab.  
Opening of Audeum Museum
Wold love to hear some of those beasts in the flesh.  
Why do Wav and Flac Files Sound Different?
A little while ago I downloaded a CD quality CD's worth of music (Sarah Janosz) from Quobuz. Once on my hard drive I deleted the "folder" (image of Janosz) from the list of tracks, uploaded the files to JRiver and was interested to see upon openin... 
Why do Wav and Flac Files Sound Different?
Wav vs Flac Here is a somewhat more nuanced take on the issue. The author is responding to the article that started this thread. I should stress here that I am not playing my files off of my computer - merely using the computer to store these fi... 
Why do Wav and Flac Files Sound Different?
The more interesting point of this article seems to be that both Flac and Wav are sonically adulterated by metadata during playback to the extent that fidelity is somewhat harmed. A significant portion of my digital library contains flac files dow... 
Pads or Spikes?
Agreed, but coupling to the floor or shelf with weight is another thing entirely and especially so with components that are not especially beefy. It can make a huge difference in sound quality in a reasonably compact package. A lead brick 2x4x8 in... 
No discussion about the Synergistic Pink fuse?
I love SR fuses but will probably go no further than the Purples. Fuses are "filters" quite obviously. I don't know why the grumps get so worked up over them. Everything in the electrical chain is to a greater or lesser extent a filter.  
Pads or Spikes?
Leave original component footers in place. Put lead bricks (with self-stick vinyl bumpers attached) atop components. This is by far the most silent option I have tried.  
Audiophilism is a hobby
This is a sand box and everyone has the right to move the sand about however they wish without being lectured to about their decisions. What forums like this tend to attract are scolds. Come on in one and all and take your shoes off - the sand is ... 
Those rare albums that are great on first listen.
Greg Brown - "Dream Cafe" album. Hans Theesink - "Songs of the Southland" album. David Munyon - "Big Shoes" album. Frank Sinatra - "Wee Small Hours" album Jerry Garcia and David Grisman - "Jerry Garcia and David Grisman" album. Leonard Cohen ... 
"The Mystery Of Sound Is Mysticism"
He didn't really find himself musically until the early 2,000's, and not all of that appeals to me personally, but much of it does.  
"The Mystery Of Sound Is Mysticism"
These theories hint at why I find the later music of Deuter to be so attractive. He has what was once used to describe the writing of Ernest Hemingway - " skillful simplicity."  The better my sound system has become the more can I appreciate what ...