Zu Audio Dirty Weekend 6 starts tomorrow 09/01/22


These speakers have always intrigued me but I will stick with my QLN Sonora's 

Yes, the original Dirty Weekends, which were derived from the Omens, were discontinued.  There is a new Dirty Weekends line called Dirty Weekends 6.

From the website ... 

All new cabinet design, cable harness options, connectors and connections, tweeter network changes, matching of drivers, and even finish quality have changed for the better. Dirty Weekend 6 is a complete platform revamp over the discontinued Omen Dirty Weekend—the size and famous good looks remain. 



The biggest change appears to be replacing the bottom finger ports with a rear port. There are fewer color/wood options, upgrades cost more…. Not sure if the drivers are the same?

When Zu first came out the Druid was about $3,500. Now they want $11,500!!! That's crazy.

Yeah, Zu pricing has gone up so much in the past five years or so that I’ve kind of written them off. I realize inflation is a thing but they’ve moved up several price tiers and are no longer a compelling value.

I'd be curious to hear these with a lower powered tube amp. In my space, with solid state, I'd expect them to sound "shouty."