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When viewing a thread that exceeds one or more pages, would it be easier to have the most recent posts on the very first page?

As opposed to how it is today, where you have to select the LAST page to reach the end of the thread to see the latest postings

Some threads are getting pretty long these days

Just wondered if anyone else find it inconvenient?

Or is there some way a person can set a preference and reverse the order?

there is a 'sort' button above the 1st response... toggle that to 'newest first'
We are SPOILED like no others.....

Is it that much of a deal to go to the bottom and click to the last page?

Get real.


There's a "sort" button right there on the page. Use it. Yes, it does default to "oldest first". However, once you select "newest first", it stays that way until you reboot your computer.

I always select "newest first" as I have a preference for reading threads in that format.
Cool. I never noticed the sort button. .
I think chronological as default makes sense. Then you are not inclined to duplicate the first things said, if it happens to mirror your thoughts.
While we are @ it I wish someone would invent a "one" clap Clapper.

That second clap works my last nerve.

^^ I changed my "clapper" to work with the snap of a finger.....less effort!  We are spoiled.🤣
Unless you decide to respond, then you may respond with the same exact response someone else made which I find annoying.
While we are @ it I wish someone would invent a "one" clap Clapper.
It's a great idea, but marketing would be a nightmare.  Advertising for "The Clap" would be a hard sell.

We are SPOILED like no others.....

life is hard
then you die
Thanks everyone for your contributions
- Enlightening, Informative AND Entertaining
- as usual :-) 

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