Your Opinion on Amps

I have been looking at used power amps, I have narrowed it down to these 3
(1) Krell KAV-3250
(2) Bryston 6B SST2
(3) Maker Audio NL14+
All 3 are good sounding amps, I have listened to the Bryston and Krell amps before but have not had a chance to listen to the Maker Audio amps, If anyone has any experience with these 3 amps I would appreciate your feedback
positive or negative. All 3 are within a couple of hundred dollars of each other so the prices don't really matter.

It helps to know what speakers and preamp you are using.
Each of those amps have a 'signature', which may work well with some equipment but not others.
Unfortunately, too much of this comes down to 'synergy'.
Whatever amp I end up with, I will be running Paradigm monitor 11v7 fronts with a Paradigm center 3v7 and my AR308 HO rear surrounds will be run by a Threshold S500e stereo amp run through a Threshold STASIS-R 3.0 preamp in my front living room/ family TV room.
I also run a  Klipsch R-112SW powered subwoofer.
Just picked up an Anthem P2 amp on this site last night, it should be here in a couple of days, I'll see how it sounds, if I don't like it I will just put it up for sale and try something else.
I would go with the Class"e  Ca 300 or 400 amps . Build quality second to none .Check Audiogon
I happen to have the Krell KAV-280 pre-amp and a Bryston 9B-SST amp (5 channels), bi-amping PSB Synchrony One towers. I know it is not exactly what you are asking. I am happy with my setup. I do love the Bryston. I like the Krell except for the volume control. Together they power my 2 channel listening with my Oppo as input primarily listening to CDs and SACDs.
I recently purchased a Maker NL 14 Version 2. It replaced my Edge NL 10.2 which Steven Norber had updated. It is cut from same sonic cloth, but much better in every way. I highly recommend Tom's latest work. Good Luck...Bob