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Dynaudio Special 40 in the house
Source and preamp, McIntosh C47. Amp, Luxman M900u. 
DAC chips
ESS Sabre 9018. Well implemented, can do wonders. Crazy good sound.  
Buchardt S400s
I don’t understand why they crossover a 19mm tweeter at 2000hz. That is just too low for any 19mm tweet I know of. Every other makers have abandoned those small diameter tweeters. The latest design ring domes disperse just as well. 
Magicos are chesty
Darn I thought those fancy extruded aluminum S series casings were all about absolute  low coloration ( and resonance)... 
Shunyata Alpha/Delta NR Line.
New Delta NR powercord owner here. I am seeking advice from users that have compared it to the Alpha or Sigma NR. On paper, they only differ in total wire gage ( 10ga. 8ga, 6ga). So if my gear doesnt need the extra gage diameter for power draw, wh... 
My Nordost Norse 2 have an arrow , so they must be directional. I recommend those without  hesitation. A cheaper option is to make your own using Van Den Hul CS-122 cable. Very easy to do, and the fact they will be bare wire is even better. 
Martin Logan Motion 60XT, best value ?
That indeed couls explain why they sound bad as you said. 
Martin Logan Motion 60XT, best value ?
Not you, Caphill said they are awful. 
Martin Logan Motion 60XT, best value ?
3.5k canadian for the pair , I have difficulty believing they sound so bad. Drivers look very decent, how could they mess it up that much. I guess I will have to go listen to them to know for sure. 
Martin Logan Motion 60XT, best value ?
Ok wow. So everything else seems better.  
Speaker Recommendation: 20K range
chandybe,I think you are right, the B&W 700 series offers a lot of speaker for the money. They seams to be competitive with speakers costing more. 
Revel F228BE
Then uprgrade the interconnects, try some Shunyata or Nordost or Clarus.And change the preamp.Don t forget the power cables, Shunyata is imho much superior to Cardas. Put one of their noise reduction cables on your dac and you will have your jaw d... 
Revel F228BE
KX5 all the way.But you would be happier with Vega G2. Benchark dac2 can be bettered, so why not make two upgrades in one step...What are your interconnects?  
Revel F228BE
Personnally I would go with a dac wich has a very good volume control built in it. Something like the Auralic Vega G2. That way you simplify the system, less interconnects means you loose less signal along the way.Or a preamp that has a very good ... 
Revel F228BE
Lnitm, good system ! If your permit, weak link is the Ayre pre. Had the exact same pre a couple years ago, it sucks up résolution big time. Did not realise it before I tried something more transparent.