Yamaha GT-5000

Belt-drive!  Straight arm!  No headshell offset!  What say ye?
Belt drive - it's a choice.
Straight arm with no offset- it's a choice, albeit a minority one. Viv Lab rigid float has been getting a lot of raves doing same for some years now...
Comes down to quality of implementation, as always!
Based on results with my RS Labs A1 tonearm, which is also an underhung design w zero headshell offset angle, I have long been intrigued by the Viv Float tonearms. But they’re just too  expensive even though 40% cheaper in Tokyo compared to USA. For that reason the Yamaha is interesting too. Belt drive is not my cup of tea however. And $8K is off putting.If only they would resurrect the DD GT2000 with this same underhung tonearm, now that would be very interesting indeed.