Would you move to a bigger house if you could just to have a better listening room ?

Let's see how crazy we are.


I downsized from a 3600 ft 1854 home with 14 ft ceilings on an acre.  It was just too big for 2 people and down to I dog from 3.  My new home has a much smaller listening room, but I am good with my set up.

Yeah, sometimes big is too big and when downsizing you are in fact normalizing and upgrading.

@inna And that’s just New England, imagine Montana or Wyoming.

Born, raised and lived most of my life in Western Montana. I built a nice home on 24 acres of timbered mountain side, backed by thousands of acres of National Forest Land. Nearest neighbors were down in the valley many acres away. The house had a large open beam living room, with great acoustics, dedicated to audio.

Would love to have that home and space back, but when you get older, man MT winters get tough.

Now retired and living in sunny AZ. I have a modest home on a couple of acres with few neighbors and managed to put together a very nice 14’x26’ audio room, so quite content for the foreseeable future.

I much discusion here about Large Room or Smaller Room.  If you had this new house, and could design your own perfect 2-channel music room - how would you size it?  

I’d be fully satisfied with a 20x30 room that is fully dedicated for audio with no openings on any side. With most medium-sized speakers and monitors, a 16x24 room in the same design would make me quite happy. The floors would need to have concrete under as suspended floors resonate. The ceiling slant is quite important too. No angle causes the most first reflections. A 30-45 degree angle is too steep and increases cubic volume considerably, making it harder to fill, so a 10-15 degree angle would be my choice.

My room is 19x24 now, but on suspended floors, a fairly aggressive slanted ceiling, and an opening to the mid-to-back right.