Woofer Flutter

Is a slight amount bad for speakers (mine are Wilson Sophia 1)?  My amp (McIntosh 7900) does not have a subsonic feature, so are there any add-on (RCA) products out there that can help with this?  Sound is not affected. 
             Assuming you're problem is via Phono only and (hopefully: 47k Ohm) MM Input:


             Can't say how that might affect your presentation.

             Most phono stages that filter subsonics, do it the same way, but: internally.
KAB Rumble Filter, $179.95.  Best investment I have made. No more woofer fluttering.  Designed with all audiophile grade parts. 
        Didn't see a processor loop (or any other option), available in the 7900, in which the KAB could be inserted.   

                                But: I could be wrong.
Is a slight amount bad for speakers (mine are Wilson Sophia 1)? ... Sound is not affected.

Asked and answered.
I've only had  the 7900 for a week, so I can work on some adjustments with it, like the equalizer settings. Another thing is I have the cart setting on MC, but my cart is a Hana SH (high output).  It's recommended that it be set on MM, so I'll try that.
How do you have the MC option set? Have you played with the settings?
Macs phono stage? I have a few... They have a few options and ways to change things through the years including load plugs. Inline RCAs, Herron, Decware, and a few others make them..

Older ones.. Great filters.. Even a MX110z had great filters.. MM and MC.

Options below make it pretty easy..


You would think after keeping the phono stage in most of their units. Mac would leave the rumble filters in place.
I have to look I don't have to use them. Currently.. Things change though.. I though the C2500 had filters, that's pretty new..

Not sure what "asked and answered" means in this situation.  I'm just wondering if I can damage a 20 year old woofer if the flutter persists.  The fact that the sound quality is unaffected is the least of my concern.
I'm just wondering if I can damage a 20 year old woofer if the flutter persists.


It sure will if it's pounding the bump stops (I'm sure they have them). It can overheat voice coils.. If they don't have internal bump stops.. Mercy
It might try to jump out of the bore if the return springs were TOO sloppy..

20 years is a while..

That arm and cartridge are a perfect match. So it sure ain’t that causing the woofer flutter!